Bill Gates already incinerated his dubious moral authority by declaring Prezirapist AntiChrist to be the next JFK, and the rabid, death cult of Despicables are calling for his head anyway.
No one could’ve seen that coming.



"... some relapsed patients may have living viruses that make them sick. As of Friday, at least 61 developed symptoms, albeit mild."

Our local columnists not doing too great,


Holy shit. This Slog PM by itself almost redeems Slog. A transcendent Slog PM for the end of a rough week (for those of you who experience weeks anymore):
* Bill Gates.
* Animal Crossing.
* Occupy White Walls.
* Fiona Apple.
* Among other things.

If this is not all you need to know at this particular moment in history, I don't know what is.

My only complaint. Chase Burns missing the fact he managed to refer to Vulture twice.


There isn't going to be any free rent. Sorry.


Did y'all see this troubling detail?
With 94% of sailors on a stricken US Navy Carrier systematically tested ...
- OF THOSE WHO TESTED POSITIVE for the Sars-CoV-2 virus :
- - 60% showed NO SYMPTOMS.

60% Asymptomatic

That's what we have to look forward to. No one knows who actually has it. Symptoms don't matter. You could have it, never know, and spread it.

Dear god.


Glad Michael Cohen is out. He deserves to be. Looking forward to hearing him trash Trump on Morning Joe.

@7: Look on the bright side. At least 60% of them aren't getting sick.


The man who was involved in understanding HIV and won a Nobel Prize for it, says he believes it’s a man made virus which may be why humans can’t develop lasting antibodies. Yes it’s a conspiracy theory that’s been around from the beg, though this man is credible.


This man, Dr Luc Montagnier, a co-discoverer of the HIV virus, didn’t talk of antibodies, that’s my conjecture that there might be a link.


Put on some dry panties....

That figure means the virus is not all that lethal;
that the mortality rates being thrown around are grossly exaggerated.
It means the pissing-their-pants-in-panic Left needs to calm the fuck down and take their foot off the neck of the economy.
Many people have had and will have the virus and show no symptoms.
the huge majority of those who show symptoms will only have mild symptoms.
this virus is not much of a risk to healthy people.

People who are fat and have abused their lungs and are otherwise in poor health are at greater risk. From Covod 19. And from everyfuckingthing else in the world. That's what being in poor health means.

Sooner or later; sooner than later if we are smart (we haven't been so far...), pretty much everyone will be exposed to the virus. We will develop herd immunity. Life will go on.

Healthy people need to go back to work.
Kids need to be in school.
One day we probably will encounter an actually scary pandemic where shutting the economy down might be a prudent measure.
Covid19 was not that virus.
The only question is will there be any economy left to shut vdown when that day comes.


"This is only going to matter to a select group of people"

Are you under some impression that only a small number of people play both Zelda and Animal Crossing? Both those series have millions of fans.



You are a fucking idiot.
Some people being asymptomatic does not mean the virus is less lethal.
What it actually means is we have more asymptomatic carriers that are going to infect more people.
Even if 90% of people who catch the disease are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, the 10% of people that have severe reactions to the virus can still overrun the medical system.

More people with the disease means more vectors to spread the disease.
Typhoid Mary was asymptomatic, but she spread the disease to countless people.
She didn't die.
She didn't even get sick.
In fact, even after she was put in permanent quarantine she didn't believe that she was spreading the disease to other people.

The thing that assholes like you don't seem to understand is that the world doesn't revolve around you.

It's actually pretty simple, but you idiots just don't seem to get it.
Let me try to explain it to you simply as possible.

If we can slow the spread of disease so that the medical system isn't overwhelmed then fewer people will die.
Severe cases will have a better chance of survival if we are able to dedicate more resources to their recovery.
Hotspots around the world have had their medical systems overrun with patients seeking treatment, and in those areas the fatality rate goes up.
In areas where the medical establishment has been prepared to deal with the volume of cases they receive fatality rates go down.

And let's not forget, if the medical system is overrun other people who need treatments for other diseases and injuries will also be more likely to die.
I'm sure it's easy for you to say shit like "fuck the people in poor health, it's their own damn fault" ( even if it isn't) but what do you say to the trauma patients that aren't able to get adequate medical attention at the hospital because the emergency room is filled with covid-19 patients?

I'm sure you would just say some dumb shit like " it was their fault for driving" or "they should have been more careful".


And here's a little reality check for all of you that think this is no big deal.

I live in Detroit. It's one of the three biggest hot spots in the country.
One of my local hospitals had to close so they could send the staff to the hospitals in the hardest hit areas.

What the fuck do you think is going to happen to the people who are normally served by that hospital?

My job requires a lot of driving, and I spend a lot of time in the area where that hospital was closed.
What happens to me if I get hurt while I'm working? What happens if I get into an accident, or have an accident on a job site?
How far will I have to go for treatment now?
How would that affect the outcome of my treatment?
How much will it increase the likelihood that I will die from that accident?
What about all the other people that live around that hospital?
What if they're the victim of domestic violence and need treatment?
What if they get sick from another disease and need treatment?
What if they slip and fall in the bathtub and break a bone?

All of you idiots that think the medical system being overwhelmed is no big deal need to get your heads out of your asses and think for a change.


@13 But can we’ll all agree that “healthy at any size!” is a big fat lie?


Nice deflection moron.

Actually no, it was just plain stupid.

Great job avoiding every point I made though oh, that was probably a good idea on your part considering the fact that there is no way you can dispute any of it.

What's your solution? Should we Outlaw obesity?

What about your precious freedom?
Wouldn't you start bitching about your right to eat yourself into a diabetic coma?


YOU, Sir, are the fucking Idiot....
"Some people being asymptomatic does not mean the virus is less lethal..."
Yes, it does.
How 'lethal' the virus is what percent of the people who get it will die.
That's what 'lethal' means.
If you are assuming 100,000 had the virus and 1,000 died the lethality would be 1%.
If, in fact, 1 million people had the virus those 1,000 deaths would yield a lethality rate of only one tenth of a percent.
We have no idea how many millions of people actually have and have had this virus, we only know what percent of the teeny tiny number that have been tested have had it.
We have no idea what the actual lethality rate is, but we do know that it is much less than all the estimates out there.

"Even if 90% of people who catch the disease are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, ..."
Try 99+% are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.

Actually, thanks to Widespread Panic; in many areas the country the medical complex has stopped other procedures that needed to be done, hurting their bottom line and patient's health, and those beds are empty because the Coronid19 estimates were wildly high.

Letting the Hysterical Panic Junkies in the costal media centers dictate public health policy all across the continent is a shitty idea.



Yeah I have to agree with you on one point, Trump really sucks shit up with the testing didn't he.

As for your "number", how exactly do they smell out pulling them out of your ass?
We both know that without testing we have no idea how many people have had the disease, or how many people have reached contracted the disease.

By the way, I'm not having any financial difficulties at all, because I planned ahead.
I have enough liquidity to survive for a year.
I guess you didn't.

Anyway, facts are facts.
Our medical system has been adversely affected by the pandemic. Even you realize that.

If we hadn't taken the measures that we have, the situation would be even worse than it is.

If we had acted faster, the situation would be better than it is.

And it doesn't matter what the lethality rate is, what matters is the fact that our medical institutions can't handle what's happening right now.

Seriously, you should try thinking once in awhile.
If you did, you might not be making my points for me.



To quote a terrified moron; "The thing that assholes like you don't seem to understand is that the world doesn't revolve around you."

Most of the country does not live in the top three hotspots.

Making everyone follow the procedures that fuckup cities like New York and Detroit are implementing is stupid.

You urban Leftists are terrified beyond any reasoning,
and that terror is morphed onto your pre-existing pathological hatred of Trump to render you even more deranged than before.

Put on some dry panties,
turn off CNN and MSNBC,
take a deep breath,
imagine your sporting a bright red MAGA hat over your prematurely receding hairline,
finger a 9mm shell or a hundred dollar bill if you can find one;
let's try to get a few molecules of testosterone squeezed out of your tiny raisin testicles and bring that whining screeching voice down a few octaves.....


“ Should we Outlaw obesity?”

COVID will probably be more effective plus it might make the “healthy at any size!” crowd put down the soda and finally get off their asses.




@21 - So how are you able to comment with out an account?


@22 Can you spot palm trees, buses, crosswalks, cars and fire hydrants?


are you really asking?


we have every crosswalk in N America memorized by now....


@25 Traffic lights are a bitch.



Stop pissing your pants and man the fuck up.

Take this a a learning opportunity.

If you had paid more attention to your finances a recession wouldn't be an issue.
Recessions happen, and we were overdue.
Next time plan ahead.

Bu the way, I have plenty of folding cash and ammo; but I don't need to play with either to feel better.

I do have empathy for people that this is hurting though, even idiots like you that didn't plan ahead.



I have to admit though, I can't imagine how fucked up your finances must be that you are more afraid of losing a few months of income then you are of the possibility of catching a disease that has killed over 32,000 people in the US in under 2 months.

That's more than ten 9/11's.
That's about the same number of people that die in car accidents every year, but in less than 2 months.

It must be really fucked up to be more worried about your finances then your health.

Sucks to be you.


Which 404 are you talking to sugartits? This 404 has at least year of bank, even running the same expenses as before. Could easily stretch it out for 2 years before cracking open any investments.



You wear your Maga hat to cover your bald spot?
I thought you wear it to give people a heads-up that you're retarded.

( and for the PC police who may want to get in my shit for calling this retard a retard, in case you can't tell I'm really fucking bored and I would just love a few more jackasses to play with)



I was definitely talking to you retard.



You should also realize that the number one comorbidity factor for covid-19 is hypertension oh, so you may want to come the down a bit.


@30 Hey, I love a good retard slur.

Will be voting for Biden. I value competence, our institutions and the Establishment.

But keep swinging, you may hit something Sugartits.



By the way, I'm more than a little bit skeptical that you have any savings at all.
If you did, why would you be shiting yourself in Terror over a slight downturn in the economy?



Yeah, if it wasn't obvious enough that you are the only 404 troll it's Crystal Clear now.

Unless I'm supposed to believe both of you are fascinated with fat chicks.


" number one comorbidity factor for covid-19 is hypertension"

Shame I'm not a fat fuck with hypertension then - that would be your wife when she sits on your face to shut you up.



What is it with you and this unnatural fascination with fat chicks?



Let me give you a little piece of advice, cut back on the salt.



If you're that interested in fat women, you should check out PornHub.

They have a ton of stuff on there for a chub Chasers like you, it's called BBW.
I'm sure you "both" will love it.



I'm just kidding oh, I know you're already familiar with BBW porn.
That's why you subscribed.


@39 Is your wife on there?



I'm not married.



And don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to kinkshame.

I'm just trying to help you out.
You're obviously obsessed with fat women, so I was just trying to point you in the right direction.

Notice that I didn't tell you to go cruising at Sizzler, because I realize even fat chicks have standards.
I wouldn't want to see you get your feelings hurt from all that rejection.



I'm not married, but I'm not single either.

If my mom is on there, she won't be in the BBW section.
She's almost 80, so I guess she would be on with the GILFs.



I really like this getting to know you thing we've got going on here. It's helping to reduce the boredom.

What kind of porn does your mother do?


I know, BBC!
That would explain a lot.


So you're over 50 and not married?

Again, I'm shocked.

I'm guessing your girlfriend hasn't found a wedding dress in size 28 yet? Either that or the curtains at home are too small.


"Some people being asymptomatic does not mean the virus is less lethal..."
Yes, it does.
How 'lethal' the virus is what percent of the people who get it will die.
That's what 'lethal' means.

Not in this context. Consider the following (taken from

While the 1968 pandemic had a comparatively low mortality rate (.5%) it still resulted in the deaths of more than a million people, including 500,000 residents of Hong Kong, approximately 15% of its population at the time.

A virus that killed millions, and wiped out 15% of Hong Kong would definitely be considered lethal. Yet its mortality rate was very low. You are focused entirely on mortality rate, and yet that isn't the only important factor.

Your call for just letting the virus run its course is also sophomoric. The U. K. tried to do that, and soon realized that their medical system would be overwhelmed. Let that sink in. Not only is it a bad idea, and most countries did the math and figured it was a bad idea, but the one country that tried it soon realized it was a bad idea.


@46 By the way, when someone taunts you about your mama doing porn, the proper comeback isn’t:

“Yeah, well, what kind of porn does your mama do?”

You should know that by 2nd grade.



I'm under 50.

Now I'm curious about your wife.
What kind of porn does she do?

I'm guessing cuckold.



Ross, don't expect 404 to do math.

For fucks sake, the fool thinks he is 2 different people.

Two people obsessed with fat women.


“I'm under 50.”

My apologies. I didn’t realize your mama was still selling herself to sailors in Marseilles into her 40s.



I hate to break it to you, but you stuck at insults and at comebacks; so forgive me for ignoring your advice on that (or any) subject.

' “Yeah, well, what kind of porn does your mama do?”

You should know that by 2nd grade.'

You are right, I already know what kind of porn your mom does.
Everyone does.



I get it, you can't do math.
You don't have to keep proving it.


51 not 41



So what sort of YouTube videos are you watching between posts?

I'm watching TopTenz and Brainfood.

The British accent makes Simon seem smart, but he really isn't.



I recommend JorgeSprave aka The Slingshot Channel.
Fun shit.



Lockdown sucks in a 5 bedroom on a big lot too.
Believe me.


@57 No shit. We're so grateful to live in one of Seattle's leafy single family neighborhoods where we have a garden to play in, a front deck to greet neighbors while sipping mint juleps.

Seattle's SFH neighborhoods are are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. Looks like the density pimps will have a much harder timing pushing tenements on Seattle after this is all done.


"5 bedroom on a big lot too."

Gold Bar doesn't count.


Why is everyone so base and boring.


@62 Why don't you post yet another youtube link that no one looks at and prove yourself correct.



It snowed here yesterday, so no fun in the garden.
Thankfully it melted.
My neighbor is actually mowing his lawn as we speak, and I'm actually feeling a little jealous.
My lawn is still to wet to even try.


"Great job avoiding every point I made though oh, that was probably a good idea on your part considering the fact that there is no way you can dispute any of it."

Kudos, Adam, on
poor lil' trolling
trolly Troll.

*happily, there IS a Cure for that
but it Ain't at FOX & Fiends nor
can Thee Oxymoron help atall


@58 Still can't afford to move to Grosse Pointe?



What's "gold bar" mean?

All that came up on Google were actual gold bars.
Is it some kind of Seattle thing?


@64, not @58



I'm close enough to the city as it is, if I was going to move that close I might as well move to Boston Edison.


@67 Gold Bars short for "trailer trash" here in Seattle. I missed that you are in Detroit. More likely, though, you are in Bloomfield Hills, than say Indian Village where the cool kids are.


@63. I could care less if you missed out on high art.



I know you love them big girls, but you should realize not everyone is into that.

If you took a shower, brushed your teeth and calmed what little bit of hair you have left you might even be able to snag one of those heifers you've been longing for.
You'd probably have to completely change your personality to.
I know they say "be yourself", but I don't think that'll be a successful strategy for you.



The cool kids live in Midtown, that's where Jack White built his Swanky record store.

I used to live there back in the day, by the bar Jack used to hang out at.
He's actually a bit of a dick, in case you were wondering.


I hear Kurt Cobain was a bit of an asshole too.

Can any of you verify?



Generation Majesty Crush and Metro Times. Back when you could get carjacked and shot on Grand Boulevard. Back when fat chicks understood they were for Stroh's Goggles only.


@50 in fairness 404 comment @4 (and this one) was me, a different person.

However the clue is that I went outside with my family, instead of shitposting trash 30x in a row.

@22 because thestranger allows the public to see comments posted by accounts that never verify. Clearly a bug, but I genuinely appreciate it as a feature for pseudonymous commenting.


@77 Not raining where you are? Sun only just coming out here north of the Ship Canal.



I would take your word for it, but since it doesn't matter anyway I won't.

I must admit that I'm a little surprised that you would have a problem with shitposting, since you freely admit to doing it at least twice here.

And like I said in an earlier post, it's too fucking cold to go outside.

Thankfully the children are grown and gone, but I'm sure I will be enjoying the weather as soon as it warms up a bit.



I remember Majesty Crush, but I never got carjacked.


@80 See, beside being a divorced loser living in bumfuck suburban Detroit with his fat girlfriend, we have a lot in common.



Ah ha @77, so that's how it's done.


@83 I’m shocked too. I guess The Stranger couldn’t afford to hire away tech talent from Amazon despite all the good pay, paid vacations and benefits that come with high profile a job at an alt-weakly.

Ps. You also don’t need a real email address. works.


How to create an annoying Slog 404 comment:

Write a comment as usual.
At the bottom of the comment page, select 'Sign up'
For the username, make up something snarky.
Make up an email address.
Make up a password.
Enter the same password to verify.
Click ‘I am not a robot’
Click post comment.

Your comment will still post despite lack of email verification.


@85 And kill traffic, their only source of income?

Who comes to read the articles?


Seems to be an awful lot of work to be anonymous on a site where you are encouraged to use a pseudonim anyway


well, that makes at least three...

anything.anything works

more than half the time you don't even have to do the picture puzzle.


You should post those YouTube links like this:

Watch "Designing the best slingbow on the planet?" on YouTube


@89, or there's always Rosemary Clooney:


BAD News:

"In South Korea, a growing number of recovered patients appear to be relapsing. Korean authorities reported that 163 patients have tested positive for the virus after making a full recovery.

'We need to be humble and modest that we don’t know everything' about Covid-19, Fauci said."


Or, option Two (where Hubris Always trumps humilty), we can Listen to Fake "prez," and get tf out there, Protestin', in tight fawking quarters, and scream about the Right to Suicide ourselves; also whilst taking down an entire Medical Support System, including hospitals and Staff -- iff'n WE Wanna -- ya cain't STOP Us!.

And if'n it ain't
IN the fucking
Constitution it fuc-

Oh, and all the rest 'o ya -- this'd be a Real Good Time to stay the fuck Heathy and don't get or Have Cancer or car wrecks (the lil' Bug's catchin' up right Quick with that one!) or have your appendix burst, whaterver or, you womenfolk, have your babies at more Convenient Time, wouldja?

Everybody's just Awful Busy right now.
Come back, call back later, okay?
Thanks! From the
Darwin's Brigade!


Or, option Two (where humility
is always trumped by Hubris)....


This, from the New Yorker:

There Is No Panacea for
the Coronavirus Economy
by John Cassidy; April 18, 2020

"Within the past week, the virus claimed roughly two thousand lives a day in the United States. Within one twenty-four-hour period, more than forty-five hundred people had died from covid-19 and the President’s medical advisers have acknowledged that any reversal of the shutdowns, even a limited one, will be risky.

Some Asian territories that seemed to have the virus under control, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, recently experienced a second wave of infections.

The possibility of something similar happening here surely explains why Trump, in a conference call with governors on Thursday, said, 'You are going to be calling your own shots.'

'Trump’s the-buck-stops-with-the-states posture is largely designed to shield himself from blame should there be new outbreaks after states reopen or for other problems,' the Washington Post reported, citing current and former Administration officials who have been involved in the crisis response."

"The big question is what will happen if some businesses do start to reopen. Shepherdson said that the outlook in the United States is complicated by a pattern of infection that varies greatly across regions and states.

'If you are in a state that has done well, the danger is that if you open up you could get flooded by people from next door,' he said. He cited the experience of Rhode Island, which is situated between two hot spots—New York and Boston—and where the number of cases is still rising by about nine per cent a day."

But many governors, medical experts, business leaders, and economists are highly skeptical about the extent of testing, which is still largely confined to people who have already developed symptoms.

The key to keeping down the infection rate is locating and isolating asymptomatic carriers and then doing contact tracing.

'The reality is we are not even testing health-care workers,' Paul Romer, a Nobel-winning economist who is a professor at New York University, told me on Friday.
'We need to be testing all of them regularly, and many others, too. Trump’s medical advisers are stuck with blinkers on. They are not stepping back and looking at the big picture.'

In Romer’s view, this involves creating a public-health strategy that can be sustained for a year or eighteen months, until a vaccine is developed.

The only available options, he said, are continued shutdowns or a massive expansion of testing to find and isolate asymptomatic carriers before they spread the disease.

Romer, who served as the chief economist at the World Bank from 2016 to 2018, is calling for at least ten million tests per day, and ideally as many as twenty million or thirty million.

Absent large-scale testing, the outlook is grim, he said. 'As soon as we stop the shutdowns, we’ll go right back to exponential growth.

It won’t even help us much if we get down to very low rates of infection first, because exponential growth is so fast you get right back there very quickly.'

Given the limits to testing capacity and the Trump Administration’s refusal to take the lead in this area, Romer suggested that the most likely outcome is a series of reopenings and renewed shutdowns, as the infection rate rebounds.

'From an economic perspective, that is almost as bad as a permanent shutdown,' he said. 'Nobody is going to invest. Nobody is going to reopen a restaurant.'"

Has the Left anyone Presidential
enough to Seize the fawking Day?

Oh, and if it keeps coming back, I won't Like our odds, here, healthwise, if we get another smoky summer. Better get filters....


@95: Take it easy on the panic porn. It's easy to get addicted and you can build up a tolerance quite quickly.


'Panic,' rainy?
Where tf's the Panic?
What do you propose?
Just lie back, and enjoy it?

Let's hear Your Ideas.
Let's compare.


I don't understand social distancing, and I need to protect my children from understanding it too!


Speaking of the Children, Garbby, thank you, how 'bout 'the Darwin Crusades'?

for the Right

a virus

& die

your Kids too
well, Family that
should about cover it
except for the medical personnell
and their Families and friends and



Need to go on a futurama binge. Thanks for the reminder!


@95. "a public-health strategy that can be sustained for a year or eighteen months "
Protesters are already rallying, and we will be damn lucky to keep the lid on for 4 more weeks!


@97: Just lie back, and enjoy it?

Actually yes, as much as possible! Doing so doesn't preclude being an informed good citizen practicing the recommended guidelines and doing what you can to help others.


More "panic porn" for our little Concern Troll:
(and Fuck off, in advance):

"With Antibody Tests, Germany
Seeks Path Out of Lockdown"

"The first large democracy to contain the spread of the virus is now the first to methodically go about reopening its economy. Others are watching.

"... an ambitious study whose central aim is to understand how many people — even those with no symptoms — have already had the virus, a key variable to make decisions about public life in a pandemic.

The study is part of an aggressive approach to combat the virus in a comprehensive way that has made Germany a leader among Western nations figuring out how to control the contagion while returning to something resembling normal life.

Other nations, including the United States, are still struggling to test for infections. But Germany is doing that and more.

It is aiming to sample the entire population for antibodies in coming months, hoping to gain valuable insight into how deeply the virus has penetrated the society at large, how deadly it really is, and whether immunity might be developing."

Let's take rainy's excellent Advice,
stop Paniking, and START TESTING

This republican shit-gov't-by-Default gov't's Gotta Fawking GO. We CAN get back to work -- the Easy Way, or, the Right Way. We see how trumpfy and his minions want it. How long till they see the error of their ways? When we're standing on their graves?



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