Yosemite Sam casting call


So the easing of restrictions on May 18th is also the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980. I hope that isn't a metaphor.


4 - And consider what a dern idiot you are for DRIVING YOUR CAR to a Park SO THAT THEN YOU ARE ABLE TO WALK FOR EXERCISE.
Get rid of the parking lots, too.


Wow, those sidewalks are SO CROWDED!


@5: So they clog up the surrounding neighborhood streets instead? So that the disabled can't get close to the park?


I'm not surprised that these A-holes are demonstrating - they never miss a chance to parade around with their guns and scream MAGA. I AM surprised that Matt Shea was not the one calling for revolution. Are these guys too far gone even for him?


Want to see what a neo-fascist movement in the USA looks like? Well there it is on full display. 45 out of 60 people in a choir practice got it, so standing shoulder to shoulder and chanting and screaming is def going to spread this shit around more. Makes me want to quit my nursing job and go into isolation.


/good news/

Spring has been gorgeous so far, and the weather this past week was especially sunny.
Washington State now has the most diverse Supreme Court in national history. (Justice Mary Yu rocks!).
People are fostering and adopting cats and dogs in record numbers, hooray!
I haven’t been stuck in a traffic jam over a month. In fact, I can count the number of times that I’ve driven the car on one hand since the shut downs began.
I’ve seen more people than ever before in my neighborhood outside working on their landscaping, playing with their kids, walking their dogs, talking with each other (at a distance).

“They call it a Depression, but people don’t seem all that depressed.”
—Max, Dark Angel


don't let the door hit your ass on the way out


@10. Oddly enough, this whole experience makes me want to return to nursing, or healthcare in some capacity, to bolster the ranks.



The protests are understandable: Republicans are horrible people who hate their families, and their families hate them. It’s driving them crazy having to hang out with them.


At least, they're practicing Social Darwinism
Attrition -- it Can (truly) be a Beautiful Thing.


The Traitor in the WH is making even impeached dick 'I am NOT a Crook!' Nixon and gee dubya 'Greatest Recession!' 'Mushroom Cloud!' & 'Killer Katrina!' bush look like stark, rank raving amatuers in the Making America Last! contest.

Gazing at their gleeful Fans is all one needs to see.

Yeah, we'll 'survive' this; perhaps this may be The Great Cleansing Repubs have been dying for ever since they Lost the Civil War.



@17 - The only reason you heard about the Novia Scotia shooting is because they are so rare up there, which kinda tends to suggest that sensible gun restrictions work.


Kristo Nixon quit before he got impeached.


@TOS -- yeah, but he was still a raving drunk/mad Fascist.
Thnx, for the Correction.

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