I truly hope every last one of them dies.


@1 xina for the WIN! Good riddance to all MAGA morons out to deliberately endanger public health and safety with their ignorance and white privilege "beliefs". I agree, second it, and have nothing more to add.


@1: I suggest meditation.


By all means it is vital that the government have veto power over who can speak to whom, any gatherings must have government sanction beforehand.
The Left has finally embraced full-on Stalinist totalatarianistic communism.
Children, be sure to snitch on your parents.
Neighbors, what are the folks next door up to?


@3 & @4 ...said a typical MAGA 404 troll flunking a third grade reading level. Are you in a pissy fit because you didn't know about Sunday's MAGA protest rally until your bedtime, Buzzy Nutz? What happened last night---your mommy wouldn't let you use the car? Oh, poor boo. lol
Nice avatar, Buzzy Nutz--cowardly yellow describes you perfectly. Drop dead. The sooner you and your worthless ilk are gone from this dying planet, all the better for for humanity and life on Earth.


They all surely will, eventually.
After living long full lives.
You are so pitiable, in your toxic hate-addled derangement.

So at what grade of elementary school did you drop out?


@8: I never dropped out of school, but I can imagine you did, lil 404. I served my country. Are you mad because Wal*Mart ran out of Cocoa Puffs and it's still a good four more years before your mommy will let you use the car?
@9: A little slow down at juvee, Buzzy Nutz? Mad because you're not old enough to consume alcohol? Don't you have some 5th grade Math homework to catch up on?


@3@4 Your ignorance of science, methodology and your clear and vaunted patriotism belies the ignorance of your cohorts. Your protestor friends are hoping everyone dies by not taking this serious because, you have to face it, you do not understand biology, math or simple common courtesy. I'll leave out common sense because that's beside the point. You wanna gather on the Capitol steps with guns and flags because you know it upsets others. You're not even fucking punk or edgy. Just stupid. Understand, liberals have no way to fucking shame you. So if you die, then so be it. Nothing to get upset about.


@8 & @9: .....and the local skateboard park's closed, too. Life for you brainless 404s sure is a bitch, huh?


Facebook is partially owned by the Russians.

Do your homework.


Look at their big guns...their bigger trucks...their tiny brains...and their teeny-tiny dicks! Darwin is calling these willfully-ignorant, dimwitted pieces of trash...


Vote and Die - the new Republican method of operation.

Yep,You knew it was coming - New Cases of Coronavirus Appear to Trace Back to Milwaukee Polling Site

The Wisconsin GOP, the five SCOTUS Conservatives, Trump and all his enablers are responsible for this. They will have (more) blood on their hands. Same thing is going to happen at these stupid, selfish quarantine protests.


They need to hand out glorious Darwin Awards to all comers at the next sycophants gatherings. The MAGAts'll be, not far behind.

Ignorance, over-reach, Hubris and
Death Panels is the Natural Path of Republicans.

Let us
give thanks
for the Attrition.


Give Thanks for
Their attrition not
the Collateral Damage
they'll be Inviting. So, so brave.


@15, @16, @17, @18 & @19: lol you must REALLY be jealous, lil 404. I guess if TRUMPVID-19 doesn't kill you, sheer boredom and your level of MAGA ignorance certainly will.


@15: Muffy? Is that you or your twin sister, Mellow yapping from the dead troll account file? Maybe if you zipped your fly and got a tetanus shot once in a while you wouldn't be such a Buzzy Nutz. WOW---life under your parents' nose must really suck.
And Wal*Mart's out of Yoo-Hoo and Cocoa Puffs......


@13 GermanSausage: Buzzy Nutz is so MAGA gone he doesn't know what hit him.


@13: Ohhh...I see. THAT must be it about lil ol Buzzy Nutz. He ran into Joey Gibson at a Twitler hate rally. Then Joey backed up and hit Buzzy again.....


@28: Isn't it past your bedtime, lil 404? A little tedious to be forever changing login names, isn't it?


Not all in Oly are card carrying nutcases. This Capitol Hill soon to not be a liberal is fucking sick of our governor who is duplicitous and wildly inconsistent. We are one of 5 states that prohibit construction. Oh - check that. It is OK if the project is publicly funded, like some low-income housing and apparently college dorms. But the guy cutting grass or doing some framing on a private project is in violation. Help me understand the science and epidemiology that makes people safe depending upon the source of funding? We have the idiots walking outside with masks, thinking they are protecting themselves or others when 50 ft away from others, who are quick to shriek and alarm on Nextdoor when they see some kids gathering in a park, but are happily loading up on soup and toilet paper at the stores, equally close to other shoppers.. Kudos to the Stranger for being one of the only media outlets who allows comments and dissent of the proclamations of his highness and those other virtuous fools.

We will have to live with this virus and all those who are absolutist are not living in the real world that is grey, not black and white. Boeing I understand started to build planes today, with workers in a large plant in proximity of others. I wonder if Jay gave them permission and if so, why this is more essential than the lone contractor. We have choices. Inslee is making his at the expense of all, and is extreme and unmoving it seems.

Then we have our mayor who deigns to close parks on Easter weekend. Spoiler alert, every day is a weekend nowadays and the parks do not need to be closed. Call out those who are too close but leave us the fuck alone otherwise!

Those in Oly were a diverse group, and I for one am happy they were there. It is past-time for those who can safely work, to do so, and to ignore proclamations telling us otherwise. Likewise if they wish to fish in our waters or enjoy our public lands, they should be able to do so. The curve has flattened in WA. Most medical professionals other than those on the front lines are sitting on their hands. ER's are largely empty I have been told. The numbers hospitalized for COVID in the UW system are on a steady decline.

Those defenders of the governor and critics of those in Oly deserve the government they get. I for one, based upon his words and actions will give serious consideration to the Republican candidate who runs against Inslee, and I know I am not alone based upon others I have spoken to. And I don't own a gun, am pro-choice, and absolutely loathe Trump, I may be part of the bleeding edge that will help bring true compassion for working folks and thinking adults to this state.


@30: Isn't it past your bedtime lil 404? Jealous as hell, aren't you, Buzzy Nutz?
Curfew, KP, and Wal*Mart's out of Yoo Hoo and Cocoa Puffs.
Life for you must suck living in your mom's basement.


These protests are acts of domestic terrorism. Terrorists carry assault weapons around to deliberately stoke fear, provoke violence, and spread an infectious disease during a pandemic, while doing so, when the healthcare system is over capacity.

I'd like to see journalism that covers the terrorist organizers who are paid to go on Facebook and other right-wing social media, to incite the usual trash to go to these protests, carry assault rifles, and wave their Confederate and Nazi flags to intimidate the law-abiding public.

These organizers are making money off of inciting domestic terrorism. That money comes from somewhere. GOP PACs? Betsy DeVos' family foundation? Members of her family, including her brother Erik Prince are known suspects in many other federal criminal proceedings.

These events are bankrolled by right-wing extremists. It's in the public interest to follow the money, to see where it leads.


Facebook is nothing more than a place for digital Klan rallies and FW: FW: FW: science-denying conspiracy bullshit. Why does The Stranger continue to link to them, providing support for their actions?


The easiest way to test the resolve of these "patriots" is for half a dozen people to show up to one of their "liberation rallies" wearing tee shirts proclaiming in large letters, "HUG ME - I SURVIVED THE CORONAVIRUS!" and just start approaching them arms wide.

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