I think the problem is that only a few people are locking themselves down. Sure, traffic is down, but if I go to the store at 5 PM, the U-Scan line has 10 or 15 people waiting in line. Sure more people are wearing masks, maybe 40% of the people I see wear masks.

None of my neighbors are respecting the stay at home order except as a way to party more. They still go to work daily, and they don't even wear masks when they go out, and sure it's hard to get PPE right now; that's why I see people wearing bandanas also.

Job interviewers still expect me to go to the job interview, so I suspect only the rich like Nancy Pelosi are actually staying inside (and maybe our Governor).

I am not against a LockDown. I am just pointing out how no one is following the governor's order. Whenever I see an article praising Washington (or Seattle) for how well it's doing, I firmly believe people who worship this effort have no clue what is going on or are trying to get Inslee ready to run for President in 2024 again.


Arrest them all and put them in the same cage and when they all get sick leave them there since they don't believe in it being a problem. Societal problem solved.



Skylar Herbert. 5 years old. Killed by COVID-19. Her mother is a police officer and her father is a fire fighter. Let's stop pretending this virus is not insanely contagious and deadly. Let's stop pretending we can "re-open" everything and everything and everyone will be fine. Let's stop pretending politicians who are hell bent on murdering the masses so they can keep shoving cash in their pockets is fucking normal.


@3: Ahhh yes, the tasty but empty calories of cartoon vengeance fantasies. But if they help you cope, that's okay.


@7 I genuinely hope all of the people protesting to reopen die and take their spawn with them.


@8 Yes! At least it will be harder for them to yell about "MUH FREEDOMS!" with severely decreased lung capacity.


@7 Well, it's not like Xina works for a living. She's been caged up, sucking off her mama's tit since Amazon fired her crazy ass. She wants everyone to be like her.


Glad to see Timmy traveling the state and exposing himself to as many people as possible.


@11: Awww still sore that xina has consistently brought accurate information from legitimate sources to the table I see.


@11. Xina served her country makes a full-time job of beating your bitchass from here to Sunday.


@14 Aren't you thinking about Auntie Grizzled, who shuffled paper in the Navy and has PTSD from the all the paper cuts?


@15. She did too, and you should show the proper respect instead of making light of her service because your puny ego is threatened by women who serve.

You might be helped by seeing a dominatrix and learning to submit to mistress, would probably quiet the displaced maternal attention and anger you constantly seek. Trolling aint gonna work.


Social distancing is prudent. But public health also includes depression, hunger, suicide, domestic violence and more. Our governor is his extreme opacity and blatant inconsistencies is also costing lives. Why is it OK to build airplanes but not to pay a person to build a fence, or put bait on a hook from the shoreline or a boat? The list goes on. The sheriff is frustrated and he held off. The current laws make criminals out of anyone who is deemed non-essential, who works, regardless of their safety practices. Our governor is a law unto himself and he must be kicked to the curb and called out.


@16 Hey, she also openly called for murdering Amazon employees here at Slog. You want to follow the crazy lady with the made-up medical "condition" living in her cage with her crazy mama, be my guest.


When violating Social Distancing Rules, make them ignorant Fools sign legally binding Do Not Intubate/Resuscitate/Ventilate directives, and we'll make certain their chants for FREEDOM will long be remembered.

Hell, we can even put their inspiring chants on their tombstones, if they're short enough.


We should really round them up and put them into re-education camps... the unfortunate side effect of a free society is people doing stupid things.
The shutdown should be controversial. Sweden and Norway are "socialist" but are doing very different shutdowns. Sweden is being vilified, but whether their method ends up actually working better to reduce the impact over the long term remains to be seen and will undoubtedly be the subject of scientific study for decades.
It is very interesting to watch a similar scenario evolve regarding anti-vaxxers and coronavirus. If you are protesting in public too close to other people... should you be locked up in the interest of public health? If you don't vaccinate your kids and send them out in public... should you be locked up for public health?
Unfortunately in a free society with a constitution and civil rights.. the answer to both is no, even if you don't like it. But hey, you're the ones still trying to get a corrupt court to approve an unconstitutional income tax wasting all our time and money even though I support it.


@18. Like I give a fuck about that. I've called for people to die plenty of times, like homeboy UghWhy above. And yet you single her out every time, I'm beginning to think you're just on autopilot with your copypasta.

You know how they sell stress dolls that look like your boss or some shit, it's because these are means of control for people who are in pain and find release from their fear and anger by fantasizing about revenge. People with common sense can recognize this and understand that it would never be followed up by action. And again, people with PTSD feel existential harm from stressful situations out of their control that activate their fight response.

Anyway, any time there is some paintball chucklefuck with an AR-15 prancing around yelling about overthrowing the government and actively threatening heathcare workers first and foremost, you deflect back to some obscure angry post a woman made that can ease your cognitive dissonance from processing the fact that that shit ain't okay. And that's the point.

Your shit's weak.


@21 Good to know calling for mass murder is ok for you, if you only do it a few times.

Enjoy the bus to Crazytown with Xina at the wheel and Auntie G serving drinks.


@22. So I should be more concerned with everyone on the Internet who loses their cool and makes an oath into the nether, or a bunch of meatheads who shoot up crowds and send pipe bombs and anthrax in the mail? Maybe you missed it, but I don't recall any women shooting up a workplace in the last decade. Since 1982 there have been 113 male mass shooters versus 3 female, and one with a male and female couple (maybe Pulp Fiction).

You sound like you're quite scared of her. Do you need a safe space? Maybe slog is too much, go see if your mom will breastfeed you.


@23 Be less garbled and learn some brevity.


@24. Take your own advice.


@24 I think Garblar is hoping for a quick hand job under the table from Xina for all his White Knighting.


@23 -- but if they're not clearly labeled
how will trolling trolly Troll know
which of the 14 is really His?


@27. Like they need my help, if anything it's somebody else's turn to bury you underground. I only lament that my hands are tainted by your filth, but somebody's got to do it.

And again, UghWhy calling for death is okay to you? And why is that? If I call for Stephen Miller to be scalped with a bowie knife, that's fine? I stand by that comment, by the way. I hope he dies in the worst possible way.


"Like they need my help,"

That's like the cherry on top of white knighting! Well done. Enjoy your wood burn from Xina.



And what did YOU do in the war, daddy?


"Fringe Protests Can’t Distract from Trump’s Failures"
By John Cassidy; April 20, 2020

"The fact that Trump supporters and right-wing entities are instigating the protests doesn’t mean they don’t have any popular support, of course.

But it should figure more prominently in media coverage. So should the scale of the demonstrations, which, in many cases, has been modest. The biggest was the one in Lansing, which attracted several thousand protestors, in cars and on foot, local police said.

In Brookfield, Wisconsin, and Annapolis, Maryland, the participants numbered in the hundreds, according to local news reports. In Frankfort, Kentucky, last Wednesday, 'about 100 people' called on Governor Andy Beshear to reopen businesses, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

And in Madison, Wisconsin, 'a few dozen people marched around the Capitol,' on Saturday, the local weekly Isthmus reported.

These gatherings pale in comparison with other mass protests we have seen in recent years, including the Tea Party rallies in 2009 that attracted hundreds of thousands of participants.

Immediately after Trump was elected, several million Americans took part in local and national versions of the Women’s March. Following the February, 2018, high-school massacre in Parkland, Florida, the March for Our Lives drew hundreds of thousands of people to Washington, D.C., and other cities. As recently as last December, tens of thousands of people marched to demand Trump’s impeachment.

Another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is that the vast majority of Americans are staying at home, obeying social-distancing guidelines, and doing all they can to prevent the virus from spreading further.

And they aren’t behaving like this merely because the government has told them to: opinion polls show overwhelming support for the restrictive measures that states all across the country have introduced.

In a national survey carried out by the Democracy Fund and U.C.L.A.’s Nationscape project, eighty-seven per cent of respondents said that they supported encouraging people to stay at home; eighty-five per cent expressed support for closing schools and colleges; eighty-four per cent said that they supported closing businesses where people gather, such as bars and restaurants."

much, much more at:

The New Yorker’s coronavirus
news coverage and analysis
are free for all readers.



That is sad.
And vanishingly rare.
A 5 yr old is 835X more likely to be beaten to death by their mother's live-in boyfriend than to die from Covid19.
We definitely must outlaw cohabitation outside of marriage;
for the children...


"Who’s Behind the ‘Reopen’ Protests?"
By Lisa Graves; April 22, 2020

"They are anything but spontaneous.

The protests playing out now have the same feel as the Tea Party protests aided by Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity and others a decade ago — and with good reason: Early evidence suggests they are not organic but a brush fire being stoked by some of the same people and money that built the Tea Party.

Look no further than the first protest organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund — whose chairman manages the vast financial investments of Dick and Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary — to see that the campaign to 'open' America flows from the superrich and their front groups.

Stephen Moore — a fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Koch ally and a Trump adviser — admitted as much in a video I obtained comparing these new protesters to Rosa Parks, as first reported in The Times.

Mr. Moore, who is now leading an enterprise to end the virus precautions called Save Our Country, which includes the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council, boasted that he has been working behind the scenes with a conservative donor who agreed to cover bail and legal fees for demonstrators who get arrested for defying Wisconsin’s virus protective measures."


@20 - locking up the anti-vaxxers (who were probably vaccinated as kids) won't help. We need to lock up their unvaccinated disease-incubating KIDS to protect society.


@36, continued:

"To give you a flavor of what’s unfolding to help orchestrate these events, this week one of Mr. Meckler’s organizers told supporters via Facebook that 'optics are everything' and that they should be sure to wear a mask to the protests and stand six feet apart — because it will make the crowds look bigger.

COS and a Koch-financed public relations firm, In Pursuit Of, are also purchasing domain names tied to protests to open the states, suggesting they are investing for a long battle — even as the death toll rises.

The consequences are already starting. One week after a Kentucky protest, the state experienced its largest spike in coronavirus cases. Other states may soon see similar spikes.

Those fanning these flames, including President Trump and Fox News hosts, are unlikely to get burned by infection themselves, though they may be goading their followers to risk their health by attending mass demonstrations.

America is now facing three calamities: a deadly contagion, a capricious president and a well-funded right-wing infrastructure willing to devalue human life in pursuit of its political agenda.

Some very rich men and women are making this medical disaster worse through their reckless bellows, inflaming people to demand that states open now no matter how many lives that costs."

And their 'marks' are as oblivous to who's
Funding/Inciting them as they are oblivous to facts.

Oh, and Fuck Off, trolling trolly Troll.
(Ya got a Mention! Kudos!)


@32. How kind of you to white knight ya boi here!


@32 They should die. If you’re willing to put strangers, essential workers, hospital staff etc. at risk of death because you’re too big of a pu$$y to stay inside, you should die. You should get COVID and not be allowed to see a doctor.


You gotta love how all these so called tough guy patriots shrivel when asked do a hard thing for a greater good.


@42 You seem unable to read



Yeah, what a bunch of cowards. They need to man up and grow a pair. Learn to sacrifice a little for their country. It's not surprising though. They're usually panic stricken, pathetic little dipshits.


@42 Sorry if you don’t have the courage of conviction to say what you actually mean. Dog whistles are for the weak.
Perhaps you should trying reading all the news stories about young healthy people getting sick, are likely to have long term repository issues and in worst case scenarios, dying.


@3 xina and @19 kristofarian for the WIN ---again! Bravo and kudos for beating me to it. :)
@32: Take a deep gut in..breath out....and relax, Buzzy Nutz. Zip your fly, spray yourself thoroughly with an industrial size can of Raid, get a tetanus shot, and go out for some fresh air. Maybe that will stop all the intense buzzing around your head. As for any rash or venereal warts you really should see your doctor.
@36 & @38 kristofarian: Further proof that RepubliKKKans / Tea Party goons / Kochs, and their enablers are truly evil and sick people.


@41 UghWhy: Want to know the quickest way to scare so-called macho "Patriotic" guys shitless? Give them the gory details about the worst menstrual periods imaginable.
@44 Lastlight: Agreed and seconded.


“ you should trying reading all the news stories about young healthy people getting sick”

The plural of anecdotes is not data.

Mainly fat fucks who are dying from it in the under 60 bracket.


@43 & @45 UghWhy: @42 is already dying of TRUMPVID-19, moldering away in his mother's basement. The formaldehyde must be getting to him.


@23 & @25: You nailed it, Garb. The weak ass 404 nut jobs run amok are indeed, scared shitless of women, especially educated ones who have served this country--something they will never do. They're dying of TRUMPVID-19 and terminal stupidity, hotly griping mainly because they never get any and never will. Their mothers are watching, standing guard. And now not even Tee Hee's stash of nitrous oxide is going to save their sorry little cowardly asses.


@52 But hey, she gets to enjoy socialized healthcare at the VA, unless it’s the weekend and no one is answering the phone so she emails Dan Savage until she can get on the waitlist to see her shrink.


Oh you know, 404 is deeply jealous of xina and Auntie G. I mean it's all "waaaaah waaaaah waaaaaah xina this, Auntie G that, making shit up about them, calling them names. And when people AGREE with, or exhibit fellow feeling with two women who have the temerity to have opinions? Dear god, there isn't enough bicarbonate of soda in the world to deal with the heartburn that gives this poor sad old troll.
When 404 gets like this it's like watching a worm squirming in acid. :(


@50: Making up weird, falsified stories under multiple sign-in names must really be hard work. Writing in prison, juvee, or your mom's basement?
@51 and @52: Ineligible for either service connected disabilities after honorably serving your country or getting any sort of federal stimulus because you're under the age of 18, Buzzy Nutz? Your life must really suck being under your mommy's thumb.


@55 Bitterly jealous, uneducated and scared, aren't you? Your life must really suck.
Poor widdle 404 troll. What to do when Wal*Mart's out of Cocoa Puffs and toilet paper?
@56 Lissa: I know better than to feed the trolls (Reason # 1 as to why I have no Twitter account, don't want one and don't miss it), but the 404 idiots in Slog make it SO easy to Whack-a-Troll these days...
@57 and @59: You tell me. You're the one with a severe rash and stinging insects buzzing around your head. Not very good at this are you, Buzzy Nutz? Awwwwwww....go cry to your mommy. lol


@58: Nah child, you and 404 put yourselves in that vat. The loathing and desperation ya'll display over and over, post after post, is pitiable and repulsive to watch. Hence the metaphor.
I've been on Slog for over a decade and I think I can count on one hand the number of comments either of you, in your many iterations, have made that weren't ugly and joyless. :(


@61 Joyless? Then why am I giggling half the time as I type?


@ Buzzing Hornets, I would have the biggest, hardest throbber if you keeled over #sploosh


Per Auntie Grizelda, I shall now describe my last cycle via haiku.
Bloody quarantine
A mucusy menstrual sploosh
gaze, the perfect clot


@63 And I imagine your non-medically induced erections are few and far between so enjoy.


@65, Please see @64. Weird that you couldn't find the clit in those metaphors


@62: Oh honey. I didn't really need you to make the effort to prove my point for me.


@67 If you think the clitoris is a metaphor, you’re doing it all wrong. No wonder you need viagria or wishing death to pitch your tent.

@68 “I know what you are but why am I” isn’t a comeback sugartits.


@69 HAHAHAHAH Still can't find it ey? I am Jill's utter lack of surprise


@70 @66 Might be able to cure your erectile dysfunction.


OMG! Please keep going. I have a bet going to see how many more comments you post until you get it.


@69: That's right, baby. It isn't.


Snohomish County sheriff should be recalled for not doing his job.


@11, 15, 18:

Seriously, guys? fibromyalgia denial?


@64 UghWhy: Aiiiigghhhh! You just described my monthly cycles from hell until 2014.
Was that your point?
@75: lol Give it up, Buzzy Nutz. You're the one with stinging insects buzzing around your pointed head, curfew, and who can't get any because of venereal warts. See your doctor for Christ sake, and quit chugging Kool--Aid.
@76 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: They're already dying of TRUMPVID-19 and incurable stupidity.


@Auntie G - Was just taking your sage advice on how to squig out the tough guys. I think I'm going to have to needlepoint that one.


@78 UghWhy: I'll further demonstrate what squigs out macho MAGA trolls. Buzzy Nutz doesn't have a clue about dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia, let alone be able to pronounce the conditions, or where the heck the clitoris is, but barfs up a lung at the sight of menstrual blood.
@79: Jealous because you're not getting any, Buzzy Nutz, and have to settle for Kool Aid and Cocoa Puffs? lol At least Saturday mornings should be fun for you. There's always SuperFriends on Channel 4.


80:. Yeah, once thing about you can say about those guys...nobody who rants at women like that has ever been within a quarter-mile of actual female genitalia, other than when they saw some on that torn up, sticky dirty magazine their cousin Goiter Bob found out in the woods forty-five years ago, when they were in their sixth year of junior high.



'Spose there's any Hope atall trolley'll soon Graduate Jr. High? I'd Love to see our little Incel get his "Diploma" after all these decades. It might even help 'cure' his sociopathy but I wouldn't Bet too heavily on it.

Maybe we could all chip in and get him a nice shiny Trophy at Goodwill? I'm in for a quarter ... anyone else?


@82 kristofarian: I think giving the 404s a nice golden shower is being generous. :)

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