This just in: Pramila Jayapal decides to simply not believe a sexual assault survivor because she's accused a Democrat, despite past remarks:

Neat. Good to know women and sexual assault survivors were just props and that what seemed to be opportunistic lies by Republicans were actually just completely valid projection.


"I'm ready to work with him to craft and then implement the most progressive agenda of any candidate in history." --Rock Star cum Progressive member of Congress Pramila Jayapal

When THREE Americans own more Wealth the HALF the U.S. Citizenry, you* Know there's a Problem. C'mon, Sleepy Joe -- the Bus's Leaving -- time to hop On Board and leave the world of Unbridled Capitalism/dead Planets to the Dodos who worship them.

We the Peeps
not We the Corps.

*unless you happen to be one of the Big Three
which you are obviousy NOT.


@1, sure, let's make the central issue of this campaign be the history of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump vs. the history of sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. Just what the world needs now.

Anyway, I'm really posting here to share what I think is the big news item this morning:

As outraged as I am by the "Live Free or Die" idiots, I'm even more outraged by these stupid mofos in Chicago. Time to do a coronavirus Darwin Awards. Sadly, the people protesting in Olympia and Harrisburg and partying in Chicago get to live free, and the innocent people who accidentally randomly run into them get to die.

It's times like this I'm glad to be living in Seattle, which has a relatively low per capita number of stupid, selfish people.


"But a wide partisan divide suggests President Donald Trump’s public campaign against vote by mail may be resonating with his Republican backers."

Well, factually, they're against anyone but Repubs and certain well-screened Centrists voting, but shutting down Vote-By-Mail is good enough, for now.



Klepto-terrorist Bitch McCONjob may get a sadistic thrill out of telling the blue states to drop dead, but since the blue states pay for the welfare queen red states, it's the 21st century version of mutually assured destruction in the RepubliKKKans ongoing murder-suicide against America.


@5 Yep. As Cuomo stated, NY has given the federal government $116 Billion more in revenue than it has gotten back (since 2015), while Kentucky has TAKEN $148 Billion more in revenue from the federal government than it's given (since 2015), so..."just give NY our money back, Senator McConnell."

Even the Republicans know this is the stupidest and most dangerous "idea" Moscow Mitch has had lately and are doing everything they can to shut it down.

If America decides, under Trump and McConnell to go all Hunger Games, the blue states will win and the red states will cease to exist.


@6 -- As long as they can 'own the Libs,' selfish repubs do not give a fuck whether the USA lives or dies. Apparently. That's quite a philosophy.

Perhaps their taking "stable genius" fake 'prez' trumpf's anti-science Covid advice might be better for the country, after all.


@2 @6 @89 @781

I know, amiright?!?!?!



He's a fuckin' dick. For all the "both sides do it!" bloviating that we hear, there's really little if any chance a dam who was heading up the senate would have refused to vet a SC nominee the way he did Garland. Shit, I'd bet most repubs would have even given in and upheld their obligation to perform their elected duties.

Supposedly he's vulnerable in a few months. God willing.


Eh. McConnell may be a Champion Shitbag, but he's also a very canny politician.

"Let the states go bankrupt" is just the lowball offer to start negotiating from so when he backtracks from that to a marginally less awful position that he actually wants, it looks like compromise.


Moscow Mitch is pitching Blue State bankruptcies because those bankruptcies would be overseen by largely conservative Federal judges. They have already made it clear they would use that power to prevent those states from solving their financial problems by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy. No, they want bankruptcy because those judges will make sure that pensions and monies owed to us little people are erased, while debts held by the 1% must be paid in full. I hope if it comes to it, Washington raises taxes, an defaults on all its bonds and other loans to preserve our teachers' well earned pensions!


Cascadia just grew by two more states! Welcome to the other Pacifica states!

Woo hoo!


In this morning's news:

Florida, Kansas and Missouri, bailed out ANNUALLY by blue America, now whining about returning favor. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky has led the nation in bleeding it financially dry. But they’re not the only ones. And other Republicans are lining up to betray their hostility to the idea of a United States of America.

Then, of course, there’s the annual red state budgetary bailout. In 2018, Florida got $25 billion more in those sweet, sweet federal dollars than it contributed in taxes. Kansas got $5.6 billion more.

And who is paying the tab? New York. New Jersey. Connecticut. Massachusetts. Connecticut. Colorado. In fact, once you filter out Maryland and Virginia, homes of our nation’s hyper-expensive national security apparatus and much of the rest of the federal government, the next 14 states with the biggest disparities between what they pay in federal taxes and what they get back in federal spending, and 19 of the next 20, were all red states in the 2016 election.

Red states clearly think they can keep up this bullcrap—pretending to be budgetary stalwarts in the face of profligate Democratic spending, claiming that it’s Democratic states and cities (i.e. Black Americans), that are sucking the budget dry. Yet the reality is the exact opposite.


What @12 said.
It's more hoped-for union and pension busting by the GOP.
Remember that one of Osama bin Laden's goals was to bankrupt the United States.
The GOP is only too happy to comply, by giving as many breaks to the wealthy, and letting the resultant mess to the Dems to clean up.



Admittedly unreliable and often pointless polling numbers are showing a dead heat race. The trump name is looking increasingly toxic and the whole disinfectant injection fiasco could conceivably be the straw that breaks the camel's back and actively hurts those that've pledged fealty to his buffonish incompetence. Even in backward ass, mid-western hellholes like Kentucky.


@1 GOP hatchet men are a dime a dozen and the president could just as easily find one that wasn't a drunk and a creep with a lot of mysterious financial activities in his immediate history. Maybe.

Joe Biden got where he is on votes. So the appropriate comparison for Biden in this respect is Trump. And I don't have the advanced training in N-Dimensional Irony Studies to unravel the layers of hypocrisy that would emerge from a substantive evaluation there.


98 to 99% of people who contract covid 19 have zero to mild symptoms. The denominator of the death rate equation is orders of magnitude bigger than originally thought, meaning the death rate is extremely low. Those impacted are 60 years or older or have underlying health conditions. Time for this vulnerable segment of our population, namely the boomers, to stay home and not expect once again the youth to bear their burdens.


Yo, Trump Bitch McDumbbell: Let the state of Kenfucky go bankrupt FIRST!

@16 Yep. Keep on rocking the house and telling it like it is, xina!



@9: Dying of extreme boredom as well as COVID-19?

I am SO glad I no longer live in Snohomish County and haven't in the last 19 years. I feel for those in and around Everett who are trying to stay healthy and safe. Snohomish County Sheriff, Adam Fortney is a bad joke at taxpayers expense, and should resign for so blatantly putting his constituents at risk.


@15: Just another fucked up red state of confusion, corruption, and terminal stupidity, Kokonut Kenny.


@3, neat downplaying of rape. Does the fact that someone else raped even more make it acceptable?


@Shira... -- when choosing between the 'lesser' of Two Evils, apparentley, yes.

Unless we'd be Forced to Vote for someone (else,) who wanted to put We, the Peeps first. Oh, the humanity.



It's a damned shame that Americans have to choose between two sexual predators for POTUS.


@25: I bet more people are asking how bad Jayapal will be hurt by her Biden endorsement.


@29 and @32 Sarge, and @20 Lastlight: It's a damned shame that too many Americans are too chickenshit (MAGAs, especially) to ever elect a well qualified, capable woman President of the United States over a known privileged white male sexual predator with zero experience in public office or prior military service. We could be living peacefully in a utopia instead of the current shitshow.


@30 Lastlight: I meant @30, not @20, re my comment @33. Sorry.

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