Don’t worry, come July we’ll be taking them back.


This looks like a good, safe, and healthy idea for the greening of Seattle. Bravo to Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle residents.

@1: You're that eager to catch COVID-19?


Pike Place market should be the next street to close. It is mind boggling to me that cars are still allowed there in general let alone during this pandemic. I think it is a perfect time to consider closing it permanently to all cars other than delivery vehicles and vendors. Imaging how much nicer and safe it would be if we had free reign to walk in that space without having to make way for cars who are simply driving through or looking for parking that never opens anyway.

There is at least a 80' wide space in which we could have outdoor dining areas, places to sit, more space to maintain social distancing, and room for additional vendors.

This is our most sacred public space in Seattle. It's time to close it to cars and open it up fully realize it's potential as a great public space!


In real First World cities, they do truck deliveries between 5 and 7 am to cities, and the rest of the time it's bikes and pedestrians.



when will you be moving to one?

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