Home prices may rise in the rest of the city, however, I only see them going down in West Seattle due to the high bridge going out of service. Honestly, with the lack of a high bridge, I don't see how homeowners on the peninsula can sell at anything but a discount.


On the commercial side of the industry we're already seeing a lot of self-recording happening with directors remotely guiding actors through their paces - while the actor lights the scene (usually in or adjacent to their residence), shows off wardrobe selections, dresses the "set", does their own hair and makeup, positions the camera (either their own phone or something provided by the production) and records and uploads the footage. Needless to say, under normal conditions everything but the performance would be handled by crew, but that can't happen now - and probably won't for some time until there's either a vaccine or rigorous, fast, effective and widely available testing - but of course producers and advertisers are balking at paying the actor extra for all that additional work, which can sometimes add hours or even days to the shoot.

As for the sequestration idea, yeah, it's being floated around, but again producers aren't really jazzed about it, because of all the additional cost it will impose, and they're already trying to figure out how to budget for constant testing, equipment and location cleaning, meal prep, and all the other things required for production in an environment where even the slightest breach of protocol will require a "back to one" approach for the entire cast and crew.


West Seattle houses will crater in market value. Buy now.

But, in a total surprise, Trump Bernie AND Biden will all get COVID-19 and all will die from it.

President Pelosi will welcome the new Democratic House, Senate and President Warren and VP Harris on January 20. Turns out expensive ice cream bought on sale does have protective value!


@3 Will in Seattle: I'd sure love to welcome President Elizabeth Warren and VP Kamala Harris in January 20, 2021! And may the scumbags Trumpty DUmpty appointed lifetime seats in SCOTUS all croak, too, and the mighty Ruth Bader Ginsburg leads an all female SCOTUS. :)

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