Trump may be promising a vaccine in the fall, but the military is planning for the summer of 2021

While Donald Trump is insisting that a vaccine could be around in time for the kids to go back to school this fall, a leaked Defense Department memo contains much less sunny predictions. Like many health officials, the memo warns that the 92,000 Americans who have died so far in the coronavirus pandemic could be just the first wave, with an even stronger second wave coming in the fall.

And when it comes to a vaccine, the memo warns that rather than looking for an answer this autumn, Americans might be waiting until summer—of 2021


I predict that more Americans will want to drive in their cars after lifting of the home-sheltering. Alas, a trend towards public transit that was happening before the pandemic will be all but stopped. Until a vaccine and/or another assurance that humans but mostly Americans can travel in 'cabins' in airplanes, trains, buses and light rail freely and without health concerns (w/o masks and social distancing) then (largely) Americans will start returning to their automobiles and use them.

Yes, I find that unfortunate. On the plus side, I've read there has been a run on bicycles in the country. Evidently, it is hard to get one. They are quite appealing now.


@2) we from southern africa don't play those games. we know where you are and what you know. musk is a salesman. a braai and few castles is all it takes to know where this boer is coming from.


Vaccines. Actually, the medical professionals and front line providers are your guinea pigs for it. We get a less effective version earlier and it has major side effects. From the results of that, they make the mass quantity vaccine you buy without all the side effects that is far more effective.

They also use this to ramp up the production and delivery chains. One thing is they adjust the dosage levels based on actual responses and how strong the antibody titer is.

West Seattle is where the slum will form. You can literally see this by just popping up the latest version of SimCity or one of the planning tools and remove the West Seattle bridge. It'll be fun.


Here's hoping Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, and their entire Evil Empire, from fixers enabler, trophy bimbos and snot-nosed heirs down to the most hopeless of MAGA rubes drop dead of coronavirus, long before November 3rd. Very fitting that they all go down from TRUMPVID-19.
January 2021: All hail an actual President, Nancy Pelosi and VP Elizabeth Warren!

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