When will we get a school renamed after someone Indigenous (as in BIPOC)?

Just saying.


Dick Cheney says, "WEAR A MASK"

And preferably a bullet proof one at that, eh Dick? Hey-oOOHH!!!!


Good thing for Florida and other brave red states that Covid-19 is a Democrat hoax created by the Leftist media. So they've got nothing to worry about.

How long until these bootstrappers/lickers start crying out for help from big government and liberal states/cities? Should be soon.


Dan Savage High School

Kinda rolls off the tongue


Corona/Covid is the Chernobyl of the US - national government denials, ineptitude and malfeasance/criminality. International Disgrace. The Trump Politburo (Pence, Barr, Mitch) boot-licking at every op.

God, I am so tired of all this winning.


@7 yep, good analogy, except much higher body count here because we're so great.


@1 -- Sealth High School is named after the former Duwamish Chief (so is the city). There is also Sacajawea elementary and Robert Eagle Staff middle school.


If the Covid-19 is fond of ignorance, it must be wildly in love with New York and New Jersey because they are way ahead of any other state in terms of deaths per million inhabitants.
Deaths/Million population, From worldometer, yesterday:
NY: 1,673
NJ: 1,690
FL: 155
Florida has a long way to go to catch New York. How dumb must they be in NY and NJ?

The Wuhan virus always hovers over the yokels, but it's always landing on the sophisticates.


@1 -- Oh, and there are at least three schools named after African Americans, and two named after Asian Americans, although there may be more. I just found the obvious ones (MLK, Marshall, Stanford, Luke, Kurose). Some of the school names are interesting, although a lot are just based on the neighborhood. This makes for an interesting quiz -- what Seattle school is named after a (now diseased) member of the Communist Party?


@10 You should store that comment in a temperature-stabilized room and avoid handling or otherwise disturbing it. I predict it will age exceptionally well.


A James Baldwin naming could be timely and educationally inspirational.


What about Quincy Jones High School ?
That idea was floated years ago for Garfield.
But of course, nothing happened.


@12 My observation is on the internet, which is forever. Read it periodically and gloat if I'm wrong or slink away unnoticed if I'm right.



Not that it invalidates your point, but Princeton and Rutgers are in New Jersey. Also Frankie Valli and Bruce Springsteen--though Springsteen's rep as a working class type of voice might not make him a sophisticate.

Anyway, all this horrible stuff going on we're not even seeing as the top story the NYT's report that a Russian military unit has been paying bounties to Taliban for killing American troops and Trump has known about this for three months and not responded.

Got that? Trump is letting foreign enemies murder American troops.


It's going to be rough weekend guys so let's not judge all cops by the actions of a few bad apples and if some protesters are blocking your car go ahead and mow them down with your F-150 because one of them prolly spray painted a Starbucks window.


@seatackled -- "... a Russian military unit has been paying bounties to Taliban for killing American troops and Trump has known about this for three months and not responded."

Not responding is how a Cadet Bone Spurs WOULD respond -- he has no fealty to anyone -- unless they're just about to Vote. for Him.

"Got that? Trump is letting foreign
enemies murder American troops."

trumpfy's got his bloody little handsies
fairly full what with an Election to Steal
but ReMarkable, ain't it how our resident
far right wingers -- the self-anointed "Patriots"
seem to be On Board. Silence equals
Complicity allst you far far 'right'
War-Mongering Chickenhawks.


@10 population density of NYC is 27000/sq mile. Miami-Dade the most populous region in FL is 1400/sq mile. Orange County FL is 1500/sq mile. Tampa-St Pete is 3600/sq mile. Get back to us when FL starts packing millions of people everyday on mass transit. That’s a recipe for transmission. The majority of cases in the current spikes are young people that went out after lockdown like nothing ever happened.

New cases 7 day average NYC 340. New cases 7 day average FL 4500.


@23 surely you understand that Trump is the smartest and greatest president (or person) ever and he is really good at war?

Once he finds out who in his administration keeps filing his Cabinet with losers and over-rated generals and lazy/dumb-as-a-rock people, he will be able to Keep American Great Again.


@21: Excruciatingly crazy as if the Taliban needed financial incentive to kill US troops in the first place.


New York had the misfortune of getting the virus very early, while the three stooges of the pandemic (de Blasio, Cuomo, and Trump) completely fucked up the response. Most of the citizenry followed their lead, and as a result, huge numbers of people got the virus. Many of these people couldn't do a damn thing to prevent it, either (it spread threw nursing homes, for example). But yeah, the stupidity of those three men had a lot to do with the deaths in those areas.

In other parts of the country the response has been better. But stay-at-home orders were never meant to be permanent. They were meant to buy us time, while we ramped up what is known to work (testing and tracing). We still don't have either. We aren't testing worth shit, and we aren't tracing worth shit. Our response has been piss-poor. About the only thing that has stopped this from being much worse is some of the steps that have been taken, like shutting down indoor facilities (restaurants, bars, etc.) and the wearing of masks.

But some people simply refuse to do that. This is not like the early days, when we weren't quite sure how this disease spread, and there were shortages of Purell. This disease is almost entirely spread through the air. Ignoring this fact has lead to more cases, and more deaths. Yet the federal government -- lead by Trump -- has done nothing to encourage the use of masks, leading many to just ignore them (because, freedom). The biggest problem remains the response by the federal government: Not enough tracing and testing -- no leadership when it comes to things ordinary people should be doing.


@26 -- Members of the Taliban might think twice before blowing themselves up. But it their family gets a nice big reward, they will do it. It is about working the edge cases -- the people who aren't even sure if they want to join the Taliban, for example. It is designed to reduce the efforts made by American soldiers to win over the "hearts and minds" of the populace.


Seattle already has a school named after a homosexual: Lincoln High.


@32 Come on Catalina, someone must have told you by now that not all men who share a bed with another man are homosexual, what with the cultural norms and the social constructs and the contextualization and so on.


@32 -- There's a case for that ... and perhaps a stronger case that he was African-American.

But I don't think it will satisfy the school board.


A patriotic retains their ability to be outraged, rather than just being cynical and apathetic dork.


Speaking of Antifa:

"Mississippi Lawmakers Push Ahead
With Proposal to Take Down State Flag

Coaches, athletes, country music stars and the Baptist Convention have called for changing the flag that symbolizes the state’s Confederate past.

Mississippi state legislators voted, 85 to 34, to remove the state’s flag from its Capitol and begin creating a new flag that no longer contains the Confederate battle."

Sorry, Losers
the War is

and your accident of Birth
won't ever make you King.


"Mississippi state legislators voted, 85 to 34, to remove the state’s flag from its Capitol and begin creating a new flag that no longer contains the Confederate battle emblem."

there, that's better.


Wow. I'm really grateful that I don't live in the state of FloriD'OH!


@41: Wake UP, for Christ's sake, Hickory nut! Have you seen how many people are flocking to the beaches, bars, nightclubs and restaurants without masks, threatening to further spread COVID-19? They laugh at those of us complying with CDC recommended health advisories--it is up to individual states to keep people healthy and safe. Thank heavens for Governor Jay Inslee for doing every possible to flatten the curve here in Washington State. Those of us listening and using common sense are among the healthiest. Do you think the Trumpty Dumpty / Dencey Pencey neofascist regime gives a shit about the average U.S. citizen?? Florida, like Texas and Arizona, is among the states throughout the South and Southwest where ignorance is spreading like wildfire. Meanwhile, Dencey Pencey swears that all we "need" is the "Power of Prayer". THat's like trying to stop a flood with a Band Aid. Get a clue, already.


@41 Hickory nut: Apparently you missed The Old Soundman's comment @24, listing population density statistics between New York City, positive COVID-19 cases and deaths, and the number of people per square mile as compared to the number of people per square mile in Miami, Dade County, Florida, testing positive for COVID-19. The death rates in Florida are higher that those in New York. Things right now are pretty fucked up in the Sunshine State, and why I commented as I did (@40).


If Hick-nut wants to go to Florida for a little fun in the sun, we could take up a collection for his air fare - one-way, naturally.


@42-@44: reread @41.


Should IHOP bring free breakfasts to those still in CHOP?


@47 Yes, but don't serve the breakfasts with Aunt Jemima syrup.
That would be a gigantic flop.


Rather than littering Slog with a retort to a dork, this is better:


"You Want a Confederate Monument?
My Body Is a Confederate Monument"

A POWERFUL piece written by a direct descendent of an Ownership 'Class' who never acknowledged their Progeny -- and, in fact, sold them off to the Highest Bidder.

Capitalism's Finest Hour?

One succinct Comment on the article:

"This essay ranks with the most powerful words ever written by Maya Angelou or Martin Luther King. Witness an American Classic." --RMF; Bloomington, Indiana; June 26

Do yourself a favor and read/share...


So the outrage de jour this morning is Trump's re-tweeting of a video showing one of his supporters pumping his fist while shouting "White Power!"
On top of the Russian bounty story,
and coming in the context of an explosion of Covid numbers,
while he golfs.
His defense is the standard one- he didn't know. He didn't hear that part. He never got the memo. He is uninformed and ignorant, therefore innocent.
Not a great defense and let's hope no one finds it acceptable.


This is the video from an embedded tweet that Trump retweeted and then took down. Seniors protesting seniors at The Villages - it's f'cking omg hilarious:


@1 - Robert Eagle Staff Middle School is named for a Native American educator in SPS (now deceased but his family came for the naming ceremony).

Kurose Middle School is named for an Asian educator and peace activist (also now deceased).

MLK, Jr. Elementary School is obviously named for him. Wing Luke Elementary is named for a former Attorney General and the first Asian-American to be elected for office in WA state.

Thurgood Marshall Elementary was named for the first black Justice on the Supreme Court.

Chief Sealth International High School is named for the former Duwamish Chief.

John Stanford International School is named for the first black superintendent of SPS and a general in the U.S. Army, John Stanford.

There is also Sacajawea elementary, after a female Native American who is known for accompanying Lewis and Clark on their expedition through the Western United States.

@11 Hazel Wolf


@55 yes, she was also a slave. So, let's not forget our Western experiences are just as bad as the South is.


And if you actually want to tear down a statue of someone who literally created the entire African Slave Trade to the Americas, check out the Treaty of Utrecht.

It was Queen Mary.

Not a man. She may have been quiet but she was more than ruthless.

Just saying.


@45: Here's a better idea, Rainy. Why don't you reread comments @42, @43, and @44 yourself?
Then you might gain a better comprehension of my comment @40, provided your triglyceride levels aren't still through the roof.
@50: You're admitting to being a dork, Rainy? lol

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