It's not "stop retaliating against workers who are organizing to support civil rights" but instead "stop retaliating against workers who are organizing to form a union."

The latter is more truthful but the former is better advocacy.


Dogs flew spaceships. The Aztecs invented the vacation. Our forefathers took drugs. Your brain is not the boss. Everything you know is wrong. Trump's head looks like a big fried egg.


The footage of the Jeep through the park doesn’t show them shooting from the vehicle. In fact the windows are up. There is a gunshot off camera but it’s not clear where it came from. There are also reports of a gold Lexus either menacing or brandishing and another report of a knife fight in the park earlier.

From other footage later the Jeep is stopped on a public street then fired upon from multiple shooters, tries to reverse then is fired on some more. The windows on the Jeep show they were up before they were shot out. After the Jeep is stopped the assailants approach and confront the wounded teens. There is audio where one of the shooters remarks to one of the teens surprised he’s still alive. There is a remark asking if one of them wants to be pistol whipped then a single gunshot.

Among the driver’s wounds was a shot to the temple. Prior to the final shot the shots can be heard echoing through the street. The final is dampened sounding that it could have been fired inside the vehicle. I’d reckon had anyone at CHOP recovered a weapon from the Jeep they’d be parading it up and down in the media. There is enough circumstantial evidence to indicate the driver was murdered in cold blood.


What was sawant doing next to a pool of blood?


I believe we the people should be able to voice a no confidence vote at any time to remove any sitting member of office to better exercise our democracy at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. We cannot trust the Federal government and the White House to hold itself to account to the Constitution. Every day that we insist on due process of outrageously twisted and bad faith misdirection on red herrings, we lose our troops and what the sum total of their sacrifice amounts to.

How dare you raise hell about a black man taking a knee in peaceful protest, supposedly dishonoring the troops that fight for our right to free expression, and yet you encourage a man who turns a blind eye to the clear and present danger our troops faced to protect our contractors for Putin's bounties to destabilize our efforts and peace, all so Trump could negotiate with the Taliban on behalf of the Sacklers and siphon their poppy to our street drug seekers out of prescription pain meds. I swear to God if you vote Trump at this point you are in league with the most anationalist and destabilizing threat to your own existence. It's common sense to leave the cave.


@8 there is footage from the area from both surveillance cams and streamers. I can’t find the joy ride footage now but the gunfire and comments about being dead and pistol whipping is on Marcus Kulik’s Twitter account where he tries to prove the final sound isn’t a shot by comparing the sound to the ambient sounds to the muffled sound. Others have retweeted the clips as well. It sounds like two clips were emptied. Andy Ngo has some footage retweeted and there are others.


11 If that is the far right idiot Andy Ngo that posts hysterical rants against protestors for the Trumpers I would really suspect any footage he would come up with.


The right has been absolutely hysterical about the BLM movement and their allies protesting and rising up against the horrific deaths caused by the police and white supremacists. They really are outraged that people refuse to take these horrors lying down. So they scream and rant on any comments section against these activists to target them.

The police in this country originated from the slave patrols who ran rampant throughout the land and of course it was all legal. It was very, very lucrative to have those slaves wasn’t it?


This is the original post of the shooting that’s a few cams and audio from someone called Jon Cover.

The noise after the pistol whip comment likely isn’t a gunshot. Could be a car door but it’s hard to tell. I stripped the audio out, denoised it and had a look-see (because after all I am an old soundman). I think the tell-tale sign is in another clip from Chad of the Chaz they show the interior of the car not too long after the guys were taken to the hospital. A close gun shot through and through to the head would have had a lot of brain matter in the car. There was a ton of blood but not a big splatter like you see with a close range headshot. In the barrage they likely hit the kid in the head. Still murder.


@11 there’s another right wing sock puppet that Ngo retweets that has the clip of the aftermath of the car. He’s some gamergate dork that goes by Nigel Thornberry of the Nick cartoon. I haven’t found the originator but it’s neither of those two guys. I don’t want to post the link to the douche but you can google it and see the interior of the car. They shot the shit out of it.


The car overview is from Omari’s stream last night about 39 mins into what he’s posted on Converge. Coming up behind a CHOP security you hear “sorry I ran out of bullets” then some others laugh. Not clear in what context that was said. Omari seemed pretty stunned.


I'd love to see BLM at least give some lip-service about the people who take exponentially more black lives than the police possibly ever could. Themselves.


What a screed. Sounds more like an indictment of the ineffectiveness of modern policing to me. I've heard the actual "crime solve" rate is somewhere south of 5%. But they sure can sling that tear gas, am I right? Their flashbang work is tip top, too.

SPD couldn't have stopped that shooting if CHOP wasn't there. They couldn't stop a shooting that happened on Stewart St last week. They couldn't stop shootings before the pandemic, either. The shooting rate in Seattle when up 6% from 2018 to 2019 -- that's in the Seattle Times, btw. That's a lot of shootings that they didn't stop before the idea of CHOP ever existed.

But yeah, let's blame the victims of the crimes.

Cops don't solve crimes. Cops don't prevent crimes. They protect private property from the unwashed masses and enforce administrative minutia with a stick and a gun. That's it. The rest is modern myth.

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