Schools not even in session and the Huskies are topping the college COVID-19 charts.
School's not even in session and the Huskies are topping the college COVID-19 charts. LESTER BLACK

More hits for Boeing: The aerospace juggernaut is reporting approximately $2.4 billion in losses for the second quarter. That's a 25 percent dip in revenue due to the 737 MAX's grounding paired with the global pandemic. There will be a 10 percent companywide job cut.

Proposed Navy testing program could harm the orcas: Washington state head honchos are pushing back against a new Navy training program that would cover the West Coast. According to the Seattle Times the military exercises for the Navy would range from "testing torpedoes to firing projectiles from a gun into the sea at seven times the speed of sound, to piloting mine-detecting undersea drones, deploying underwater sonar and exploding up to 1,000-pound bombs at sea." The Navy has assured that no orcas would be killed during the program. Other marine animals? No promises.

A Lynnwood drug bust: Officers found $19 million in fentanyl in a Lynnwood home. There was also meth and heroin, the Everett Herald reports. A couple was arrested.

Another warm day: Expect some 80-degree weather. Drink your water.

But 11 years ago it was the hottest day ever:

Nevada sheriff tells local library to fuck off: The Douglas County sheriff wrote an open letter entirely about how the Douglas County Public Library staff could get bent and that the sheriff would no longer be responding to their 911 calls since the library supported Black Lives Matter. The letter was nearly identical in some sections to the letter "conservative attorney generals and the Western States Sheriffs Association sent to congressional leaders last month," the Nevada Independent reports.

Over 100 police agencies pull out of the Democratic National Convention: Next month's DNC event will be held in Milwaukee. The police departments that signed on to beef up security at the event are having second thoughts because the local jurisidiction in Milwuakee just banned its police department from using tear gas on crowds.

Here's the NYPD kidnapping a protester: Plain clothes officers snatched a protester off the street and pushed them into an unmarked van. After the video of the arrest (?) went viral, the NYPD released a statement saying the protester was taken in by the Warrant Squad for "damaging police cameras during five separate criminal incidents in and around City Hall Park."

The U.S. will pull feds from Portland if...: Oregon agrees to step up its own enforcement. There's no agreement yet.

Meanwhile: Portland fights back.

Big Tech goes to Washington (D.C.): The antitrust panel of the House Judiciary Committee has been investigating Big Tech for the last year where the committee has "at least 1.3 million documents from the testifying companies, held five public hearings, and conducted hundreds of hours of interviews." Today, for the first time, all the CEOs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will testify on the same panel at the same time. It's trust bustin' time.

The Verge breaks down how the companies could defend themselves: Their opening statements are already live and they're all basically the same. It's all about the American Dream and competition of the free market, baby. Here's where you can watch today's 9 a.m. hearing:

There are 6,300 COVID-19 cases at about 270 colleges in the U.S.: And the next academic year hasn't even started. The University of Washington is near the top of the infected list with 249 cases. The University of Georgia has 390 cases and Central Florida University has a whopping 438 cases. The winner (?) is the University of Texas with 449 cases, though. The New York Times calls the data they amassed "almost certainly an undercount." How are kids supposed to return to campus this fall when the virus has already moved in?

Texas representative catches the virus: GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert has tested positive for COVID-19. Gohmert refused to wear a mask in the Capitol. He said that if he got the virus then he'd put a mask on. He's the seventh representative to test positive.

Oof: Things are bad in Florida.

Coronavirus survivors suffer heart damage: Around three quarters of people who have recovered from COVID-19 reportedly have heart damage.

Man breaks into Canada through Kettle Falls, Washington: He evaded American officers in a stolen car, ditched that after ramming through border barriers, took off on foot, Canadian police tried to arrest him later but he jumped into a river and floated down it for two-and-a-half hours before he was finally arrested.

Republican Senator David Perdue of Georgia allegedly doctored a photo of his competition: Perdue has pulled a campaign ad that made his rival, Jon Ossoff, who is Jewish, appear to have a bigger nose. The text read: "Democrats are trying to buy Georgia! Help David Perdue fight back!" Yikes.

In case you missed the hell we're living in: Here's a picture. The background is that Trump continues to defend a doctor espousing COVID-19 conspiracies who also believes in "demon sperm."

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