Maybe she's a fan of Wayne's World?


It's her way of placating an irritating child with some sort of acknowledgment- "here Natalie, take this juice box and leave me alone, the adults are talking".


I like how a prosecutor-turned-politician repeatedly demonstrates how she's better at metaphor than someone who gets paid to write.



Imagine being paid to think!


@3 I like how you're so unfamiliar with humor that you've apparently never seen a metaphor stretched for comic effect before.


Lame article. I hear your organization is begging for money. Looks like you're hanging on until the bitter end. Good luck - you're gonna need it.


@5: I like how you're so unfamiliar with reading comprehension you missed how the intended target of the writer's attempt at humor was actually better at strecthing metaphor than was the writer.


@8 Oh hey "reading comprehension." Sick burn there tensor.

Hope you're wearing all the appropriate protective equipment, when you break out a super high-powered insult like that you want to be sure your skin is covered if the thing accidentally gets pointed in the wrong direction.


@7: I thought it was the SPD that was doing the begging for funding?

Of course, The Stranger provides an actual valuable service and doesn't beat down peaceful protestor just for kicks.

Seems like a better investment to me.


@9: Like most writing, metaphors work better when they don't sound painfully belabored.

But keep trying, and someday you too might get owned by the intended target of your metaphorical attempt at humor.

Oh, look -- it appears you don't have to wait! Lucky you! ;-)


@11 Whoops, looks like you forgot a zipper there, tensor.


@10- providing an echo chamber is such a valuable service.

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