The Kennedy Dynasty is weeping.
The Kennedy Dynasty is weeping. Pete Marovich/Getty Images

A Kennedy lost in Massachussetts: Sen. Ed Markey trounced Rep. Joe Kennedy in a statewide bid for Markey's seat. Kennedy is now the first Kennedy to have lost an election in Massachussetts. Kennedy ruined his family's Democratic dynasty by failing to articulate why he was running other than for personal gain and ambition.

The U.S. isn't part of the global COVID-19 vaccine effort: Instead of joining with more than 150 countries that are pooling resources and brain power to come up with a global COVID-19 vaccine, the U.S. said "no thanks" and "we'll do it alone." The COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility, or COVAX is associated with the World Health Organization. Trump, as you may remember, decided he didn't want anything to do with WHO since he thought it was influenced too much by China. This move, besides being embarrasing, is idiotic. If the U.S. joined the effort, we would be guaranteed a vaccine no matter who created it. Now? Probably not.

A busy night at the East Precinct: Last night, after the Seattle Police Department cleared the Cal Anderson Shelterhouse yesterday (and found shields and spikes), protestors threw garbage and reportedly a molotov cocktail at SPD's East Precinct fortress wall:

SPD then did this:

We just had the coolest summer in eight years: That summer was mild, baby. The average temperature was 75 degrees. We barely broke a sweat. Technically, we have three more weeks until summer's over. But now that it's September it's autumn in my heart. Though, according to this meteorologist at KOMO, we've got some more heat in store for us this month. Be gentle, September.

Six months since the first U.S. COVID-19 outbreak: How is Life Care of Kirkland doing? Well, it could be better. The longterm care facility has just above half the number of residents it had before the pandemic started (67). At its lowest point before it could accept new patients (a restriction lifted on July 1), Life Care only had 32 patients. The facility is facing two lawsuits from relatives of Life Care residents, one suit for fraud and one suit for wrongful death.

Another hit for the post office: A USPS truck and a white vehicle crashed on State Route 99 early on Wednesday morning, reports KING 5.

Tax Amazon campaign fined: Council member Kshama Sawant's Tax Amazon campaign, the fight to bring a big business payroll tax to the ballot, was fined $2,500 by the Seattle Ethics and Elections Committee for not reporting its finances on time. They filed late 27 times.

Amazon keeps tabs on its Flex drivers: Amazon is monitoring private driver Facebook groups, dedicated subreddits, and Twitter keywords to make sure none of the company's independently contracted drivers are planning on striking or protesting against Amazon, among other things, Motherboard reports. The post-monitoring is meant to be secret. It's being done by a team within Amazon ominously called "Advocacy Operations Social Listening Team." This is a team of professional snitches! To be clear, Amazon Flex drivers are not Amazon employees. They're independent contractors driving their own cars to make deliveries.

Cops give friends and family "get out of jail free cards": That's not exactly what Police Benevolent Association cards are, but it's pretty much the same point. PBA cards are basically little business cards with an officer's name, phone number, and signature that signify the holder knows a cop. Card carriers can hand them over to an officer during a minor infraction like a traffic stop and the officer will most likely wave the offender on their merry way. It's a card that exemplifies the stark privilege some people have in their interactions with police.

Dancing With the Stars announced its line-up: Contestants include Nelly, the hard-ass coach from that show Cheer, and Tiger King's Carole Baskin, who people speculate may have fed her husband to tigers.

A gator... in Lake Union? Real or fake? What's your take? I want it to be real because then anything could be possible. I need the kind of hope that would allow an alligator to survive in Lake Union. But someone in the replies to this tweet said this was just the fake gator head that's been in the lake for ages. Tell me more about this fake gator head.

Old Navy is paying its employees: To work the polls on Election Day.

Kenosha store owner doesn't want to meet with Trump: Tom Gram's camera shop went up in flames last week. Gram didn't want to be part of Trump's Kenosha destruction tour this week because he felt the president was using his misfortune for political gain. After Gram turned him down, Trump invited a former owner of Gram's shop to meet with him. Trump made it look like the store still belonged to the previous owner.

Biden situates himself against riots and looting: In a new $45 million one-week television and digital ad campaign. This is the campaign's biggest purchase so far and it features Biden's hardest stance against protest violence.

Nebraska man pleads with city council to reconsider: The phrase "boneless chicken wings." Boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders, the man argued. People don't order boneless tacos, it's implied. He went on to say that we were teaching our children to be afraid of meat that comes from bones.

Here's a crossword for you: Do it. Let me know what your time is.