And some brownness and he'll just might win.


“It’s really remarkable,” said a political scientist at George Mason University, Jennifer Victor, to Vox's Ezra Klein, “The stability of Trump’s numbers is almost unbelievable.”

Not in a country where something like 40% of the population does not believe in evolution. Something tells me there is a significant overlap between this large minority and Trump's immovable base.


“The stability of Trump’s numbers is almost unbelievable.”

Uh, no. Trump is a piece of shit and his numbers are consistently terrible. Not that unbelievable.


In the narrative he is selling them, they are not hapless rubes who have been swindled by a conman, they are heroes who are saving the economy, and thus the American Way of Life, by laughing in the face of danger. "You all are far too tough and strong to be frightened of a little virus, isn't that right my brave and mighty warriors?"

The reality of people all around them dropping dead from COVID fits both narratives, so they're picking the one where they get to be heroes and not the one where they're just dumb suckers. It's a tale as old as cannon fodder.


LBJ said it best;
"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket."
No much has changed since then.


There are just two powerful forces in this country that are real: 1) The sociopathic, nation-ruining greed of Plantation America’s soulless, sadistic rulers, and 2) the apoplectic, deranged racist hatred of over half of white voters, who’ll eagerly sacrifice themselves and their children on the alter of white trash supremacy.

Prezinazi AntiChrist’s depraved racism isn’t one thing that’s important to his Despicables, it’s the only thing.


I think nearly 30 years of disinformation and propaganda from RW "news," talk radio, internet, and think tanks has played a pretty large role.

You can see it here in Slog comments. Our RWNJs and trolls are pretty uniform in their spin and talking points almost immediately after a major news story drops.


Trump cannot win without stealing the election.

That is why he is discrediting mail in voting.
That is why states are suppressing the vote.
That is why he is calling for people to "show up at the polls and make sure people are doing what they are supposed to do" (aka voter intimidation).
That is why Russian is interfering (Biden has already been briefed by intelligence that this is happening).

There are not enough people in this country that support Trump.
He has to manipulate the Electoral College in his favor.
Last time he got the EC by less that 45,000 votes.
Nearly 3 million more people voted for Hillary.

If the only way you can "win" is by doing everything in your power to prevent people from voting and to intimidate voters to keep them from voting and to outright tamper with the election internally (USPS) and externally (Russia) then you are not winning in any way.

When millions of people vote for the other person and the EC "gives" you the election, we know it's rigged. When is the last time a Republican president actually won the popular vote? (I am not sure if it's Bush 1 or Reagan and can't look it up right now).

Trump believes he can have third term (because he "deserves" it).
His supporters keep shouting TWELVE MORE YEARS.
Trump and his supporters are insane.
Sick, deranged, delusional, and INSANE.

Trump has admitted to murdering 200,000 Americans.
All of the destruction experienced under his presidency is 100% on him.
He takes NO responsibility.


Anyone voting for Trump is okay with mass murder, pathological lying, theft of BILLIONS (if not TRILLIONS) of taxpayer dollars, and the celebration of white supremacist terrorism.


What I find unbelievable is how deeply in denial most young white Americans are to how racist their parents and grandparents are ... and were.

The KKK was active in our lifetimes.

They didn't go away.

They just stopped wearing hoods.


@1: May Tumpty Dumpty and its minions sink in their own shit, Rainy. Is that brown enough for ya?

@5 pat L, @5 Original Andrew, @6 Lastlight, @10 xina, and @11 Will in Seattle: Thank you and bless you all for being so consistently spot on. Bravo and kudos--I have nothing more to add.
You nailed it.


@11 now they have badges and guns


The Donald spends entirely too much time listening to Stephen Miller and the other White nationalists around him. I live in a fairly moderate to progressive world and don't run across all that many people who voted for him, but the ones I do (distant family, long ago classmates) have a range of reasons that don't actually involve racism: Conservative Courts, Abortion, Gays, Socialism, Immigrants taking too many resources, Gun Rights. It's a pretty mixed bag. I honestly don't think White nationalism is a primary driving force for many, but a clearly a high percentage are tacitly okay with it.


50% of White Americans vote primarily on tribalism, fear, ignorance and intellectual laziness. Those manifest themselves in all the ways we see commonly mentioned, including racism.


@16, oh, and greed.


@16 Pretty in Pink: I'm grateful not to be part of that statistic.


11 said it the best.

It's going to take the death of a lot of old white people (my parents included) before we have even a remote chance at seeing change. Until then...


@21. Racism isn't a feeling, it's an explanation. And white supremacy has already ravaged Latin America with a literal caste system for centuries. Rich white latinos love rich white Americans! Go figure.




@4... That's it. In an existence where we have no idea where we came from, where we're going, what is happening, what if anything is true, or even real, we grasp for and cling to stories that makes us feel like there is ground under our feet. There is nothing more powerful than narrative. We will die for the narrative we have signed on to. We will kill for it. It's like with the hosts on Westworld, if you try to communicate with them in any way that's outside the storyline or that brings in the real world at all or that questions their reality, they're programmed to ignore it.


It's not negligent homicide. It's pretty clear based on Bob Woodward's interviews that Trump knows full well how dangerous the virus is. He's a cult leader and he just doesn't fucking care. Then again, well I'm sympathetic to call victims most of his followers are fundamentally shitty people, so I hope they fucking choke on their own fluids.


while I'm sympathetic. Fucking autocorrect.


@11 there we agree on something. My parents raised me to fear anyone who wasn't Christian. It didn't take, but if they were to die of Covid as a result of their own irresponsibility, I'm also not sure what I'd feel. Their primary driving forces religion, and abortion. They're not racist, but they are bigoted. We haven't spoken much since my husband and I got married. The whole gay thing didn't go over too well.


@14 not all the cops are racist, and you're going to need the good ones on your side if shit goes down come November. Idiots with firearms is not enough to win a civil war. You need training and coordination.

This means the black blok and the cops, need to put aside their differences in the face of actual fucking Nazis coming to raid Seattle. It's simply not possible to win without them, and if we don't win it's Handmaid's Tale.

The director of health and human services is already telling Trump supporters to go buy ammo. If y'all don't think it's going to go sideways, well I hope you're right, but I fear you're wrong. Cult followers will ultimately do what their leaders say, regardless of how detrimental it is to themselves or society.


What I wonder about are the people who convert to Trumpism. One sees so many reasons; it's hard to sort out the deep from the superficial.


@16: Bull.


Barack Obama, a black man, won two presidential elections with a plurality of white votes.


Charles — Watch Meet the Press from this past weekend. They showed numbers from swing states (PA and FL, I think it was) that compared to 2016, Biden has gained with college-educated voters, but Trump has gained with non-white voters. How do you explain that?


I posted two comments on here (30 and 31) that didnt violate any conditions so i was a little shocked to see them pulled. So, again, @19 you are probably the biggest tribalist on the this comments section. You rarely post an original thought. You just cheer on a couple of the same two or three usually mean spirited lefty commenters. Dont be "intellectually lazy" and express your own thoughts; not just how professor hiztory or whoever "won the internet" today.


Could the moderator who pulled my comments(@30 and 31) tell me what condition i violated. Other than maybe show frustration towards tribalism and lack of critical thinking of certain commenters.


What Trump needs is the protests and riots to continue. He need the 'defund the police' to succeed. He needs the destruction, exploding homelessness and violence in Democratically-run cities like Seattle and Portland to continue.

He needs publications like The Stranger and The Seattle Times to fuel the disorder and violence.

Please Charles do not stop writing. Trump needs you.


Professor_Hiztory is off his meds again. Seek help.


Good point, @48


@21: Quit snorting hydroxychloroquine, Doofy.


Trump's unspoken promise to (non-rich) whites is this: "You will work harder and harder for less and less money in a more and more polluted and degraded environment, but I will see to it that your skin color will continue to give you an edge over similarly situated people of color." For far too many whites, that deal looks like the best future they can realistically hope for. Owing largely to past Democratic failures and betrayals, we'll never convince most of them otherwise; our only real chance is to massively outvote them, in such overwhelming numbers that their counter-majoritarian schemes are all swamped. I'm hopeful but far from confident this will be the case.

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