Best wishes Eli. Good writers like you love to write, and write well. And it shows.




Thank you for your service - seriously. You will be missed. Best wishes going in this new direction.


Thanks Eli! It's been a pleasure. Best of luck to you.


Good Luck Eli.


Good luck and best wishes to you, Eli!


Canada and the EU will be glad to get you!

Best wishes!


Thank you for all of your great political reporting, Eli. Your efforts to keep our tech' giants following our elections laws has made for compelling reading, and more importantly, serves as a shining example of journalism in the public interest.

Again, thank you most sincerely, and best of luck in your new venture. (I have already subscribed.)


We'll all miss your velvety voice in future Blabbermouth episodes (assuming those come back without you). Thank you for all the great work you've output over the years. Good luck, Eli!


You are being too modest in omitting the fact that one of those articles was the source of the Stranger's sole Pullitzer. Sad to see you go, eager to see your work going forward.


Eli, thank you so much for all the work you have done while at the Stranger. Your writing has always been thoughtful and thorough and brave. You put so much of your heart and amazing mind in all that you do and we have been very lucky to have someone of your caliber in our little sphere.
You are the reason that I am part of Slog and I won’t ever forget your kindness to me which came at a point, when being one of the unemployed in Seattle during the crash in 2008, I really needed it.
Go forth and conquer!


Farewell Eli, you will most certainly be missed. Best wishes in your future endeavors!


Eli, you are a damn fine journalist and you set a high standard for empathy and humility. I look forward to your coming work and I'll send you some money.


Best of luck, Eli!


A loss for the Stranger as it's best writer leaves. Good luck! You are already missed.


There needs to be a fill-in-the-blank contest: "Will the last person leaving The Stranger _".

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