What wonderful Wilson quotes. The berries! Exactement.


@1 Agreed. Thanks, Charles...this really strips away all the bullshit and exposes these tyrants motives for what they actually are.


Spot on, Charles. Thanks!

@1 Call me Scott & @2 walldawg: Agreed, seconded, and thirded.

And I second it for Catalina Vel-DuRay: RepubliKKKans are truly horrible people.


Anyone who at this point still clings to the belief that all the GOP's blatant attempts at voter suppression: the gerrymandering; the punitive voter ID laws; the egregious purging of voter rolls; the wholesale closing of polling places; the mass rejection of ballots for all sorts of picayune "reasons"; the widespread restriction of ballot drop boxes; and the adamant refusal to count lawfully and timely submitted ballots - are anything but the obviously desperate actions of a political party that KNOWS it cannot fairly win a national election on the merits of policy, program, or popularity; is either willfully delusional or abjectly toadying to a socio-political viewpoint that is unabashedly authoritarian and anti-democratic.

And yeah, they're just fine with that, because if the past 230-plus years of this nation's history has taught us anything it's that all one has to do is lie, cheat, and steal successfully enough, and the filthy spoils of your mendacity and avarice will not only be handed to you on a golden platter, but you'll be roundly applauded by the lumbering, inarticulate, led-by-the-nose hoi-polloi for your efforts. Because, in the words of the late General George Patton: "Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time" - and it's only the winning that matters, not whether one has to deliberately break all the rules of a just and civil society to achieve that victory.


As to the "this is the image Amy Coney Barrett wanted us to see" image: in that image, the scales of justice are not balanced.


Covid is a fad and Republicanism is a terrible disease.


"Should those who follow laws accept the judgements of a Supreme Court that has less and less democratic legitimacy?"

All the Supreme Court is doing here is upholding state election laws, Charles. In advocating for this decision to be ignored, you are also advocating for the opposite side of the coin: ignoring today's Supreme Court decision upholding a pandemic-related extension to the North Carolina election deadline, which allows votes to be counted up to 9 days after election day. Surely you don't want North Carolina to throw out all the ballots received after midnight on November 3rd?

Stick to gas station food reviews, Charles. You are out of your depth when it comes to legal analysis.



No, YOU stick to his gas station reviews, since that's about the extent of his writing that you can even digest, scrub.



The opinion in Republican Party of PA v. Bookvar hadn't come out yet when I posted my @7 above. In that decision, the Supreme Court declined to grant cert., leaving a COVID-related election deadline extension in place in Pennsylvania.

So, Charles, should we disregard that decision as well, and throw away all of the Pennsylvania mail-in ballots received after 9:00 p.m. on election day?

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