You can try and spin this as a good thing all you want but at its core this is still a big monied organization buying a political seat so that the legislation that is important to them will be passed. It's shitty when Amazon tried it last year in the city elections and its shitty when unions are now trying it in this election. If Ms Anderson ultimately wins the seat we already know who she is beholden too and as Rich points out regardless of the outcome the message has now been sent, do as we say or we'll find someone who will. It's sad and makes me think of that line in Phantom Menace, "so this is how democracy dies, to thunderous applause". Great job Rich.


It was 'Revenge of the Sith', not 'Phantom Menace' btw


Jar Jar was the Phantom Menace btw


@2 thanks for the correction and @3 has it right with Phantom Menace.


"...people are no longer as willing to let politicians be as mediocre as they once were, especially if they're white men," said Shasti Conrad, chair of the King County Democrats."

That's demonstrably false. King County Democrats have been mediocre for decades, yet the people have been perfectly content to reelect them over and over again.


@1 There is a vast difference between a giant corporation run by a few wealthy elites, and a membership organization that represents a large number of voters. Of course, we know you believe only the elites and those who lick their boots should have a say.


@7 get over yourself. You can't have it both ways. Either big money in elections is bad or not. In either case (business or union) you have a large influence who nows controls the pol and thereby disenfranchises other parts of the district. I do think its admirably though that you think unions are some benevolent force and that there are no "elites" in their ranks making gobs of money off poor hard working saps. I also have a bridge in West Seattle you might be interested in buying.


@8 I do have issues with how AFL-CIO unions are not as bottom-up as they should be, but that is a symptom of Capitalism, and the decadent greed that is so ingrained in the Capitalist system. That said, I find it funny how the same people who complain that a Union is not listening to its members when backing politicians would have a complete breakdown if we forced corporations to get the consent of their shareholders and employees before making a political donation.

Personally, I believe in publicly funded elections with a complete ban on outside spending.

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