One thing you could do, as in done in First World nations (obviously we're not one), is to have a list of people qualified for the next phase on hand, so that if you have vaccines already defrosted and ready to go, you call them up and say "Want your vaccine early? Get down here in 1 hour."

It works well.

Of course, you'd need to actually care about getting people vaccinated and prioritize that.


Anyway, at least Trump is banned from all social media.


All talk, “By Feb. 1, once vaccine supply is available”, blah blah come ON!!! The City of Seattle has plans for direct vaccination too, same lazy schedule.

The WA DoH has doses. The County or City should be yelling: “we’ll set up Monday and administer 100 of them, and report back by end of day how it worked out”. Then scale it up!

I see no real urgency here.


I agree that vaccine distribution needs to step up dramatically.
Safeway and Bartell wouldn’t work for mass and efficient delivery. There needs to be a socially distanced observation area after each person gets the shot (15 minute observation period post shot). With the Pfizer vaccine it needs be stored in a super cold freezer, thawed and used in a set amount of time.
The federal government should have provided funding to each state and helped with a plan beyond just shipping the doses to each state. States and hospitals are left trying to figure it all out on their own


Let me put this in perspective for you.

Canada has 10 vaccine shots for every Canadian, prisoner, immigrant, even illegal. Free. And they have already immunized MORE Canadians than the entire USA has immunized Americans. Total. Not just per capita.

That is what we need to do. Actions, not words.


King County's biannual budget is $12B+ and yet we're spending $7M on this initiative. There is arguably nothing more consequential to more lives in the county than making the vaccine broadly available on demand, so perhaps something more like $17M, $70M, or even $700M would have been appropriate. And spare me the arguments about budget imbalances; the long-term economic costs of the pandemic are beyond measure, but they're likely in the billions for our region.

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