Bush is not a racist? Yes, yes he is.


@1: No, GWB is not a racist.


I mean, typically, generally speaking, racists don't develop a talent for painting and publish a book of their art dedicated to welcoming immigrants. Just sayin'


@ 3/4,

The idea that white Americans have a fundamental right to shoot and bomb people of color all over the world, overthrow their governments, and steal their natural resources is the ultimate expression of racism and the modern form of colonialism.

This is what Martin Luther King Jr called America’s giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism.

Of course CaliguBush is a racist. His moronic, disastrous rule set the stage for the abusive, toxic, destructive, openly racist GOPnazis of today. He’s one of history’s most notorious mass murderers.


@6: Sorry, let's be precise. His war blunders is not the same as racism. Extrapolating is not precise.


GWB has always been comfortable in the white supremacist regime. His father led one of the most racist presidential administrations, so if you believe being raised by that man in that family enshrouded by the Republican party of white supremacy, and you think GWB is no racist, you are delusional.

George W. Bush claimed John McCain had a bastard Black child as one of the main reasons John McCain wasn't fit to be president and he was.

George W. Bush had his fees fees hurt when people called him a racist and said he didn't care about Black people. His belief that he is now best friends with Michelle Obama (as he seeks her out at every public event), in his mind, proves he is no racist. He knows Black people! They talk to him and share candy with him!

The man used racism to start an illegal war. Muslim Americans (and many other non-Muslim, but Black and Brown skinned people) were assaulted and harassed and harmed and even murdered in post-9/11 America. Countless Iraqis were slaughtered and thousands of Americans died, too, in a military full of Black and Brown bodies. In a war started with a lie, that bilked this country of TRILLIONS dollars and decades of military presence (not over yet!!!), all using racism as the dog whistle to start it and keep it going.

Racist War Criminal George W. Bush’s Thoughts on George Floyd Are More Salt in the Wound

ByWilliam Rivers Pitt,
June 3, 2020

“Former President George W. Bush is calling for a national examination of ‘tragic failures’ in the realm of racial injustice following a week of protests over the police killing of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis,” Politico reported yesterday.

A “national examination,” you say? Like the one you managed to entirely avoid after using rank racism after September 11 (which happened on your watch) to deliberately terrorize the nation while looting the Treasury by way of a pair of wars that you lied us into and that killed and displaced millions of innocent people?

Any honest reckoning of the presidential administration of George W. Bush must acknowledge the deep racism that was the seed corn of his power and influence.

For Bush to speak now about “the way of empathy, and shared commitment, and bold action, and a peace rooted in justice” while the nation burns upon the racist pyre he labored to construct verges on performative obscenity.

Bush is a war criminal, a torturer, a smash-and-grab thief, a documented liar, and a pinnacle avatar of the racist white power state.



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@8: I was formulating a deep dive response, but let me just ask you this one true/false question. Can apply to anyone you initially deem a racist. Could be GWB to your a neighbor in your condo. Here it is:

Once a racist, always a racist?


Regarding Bush as a white supremacist.
Its hard to see Condoleezza Rice as some kind of avuncular tomboy who through seeking the approval of powerful men arrived in a position of power only to advance white supremacy because the grooming made her feel good. And not as someone who arrived at being a Republican neocon through the course of their own reasoning.


when one's War Crimes
emanate from a deeply-held
White Supremicist world-view should
they get time off for Exemplary behavior?


The homeless denizens of suburban and urban areas are certainly under the jack-boot of capitalist oppression, and clearly need sustained, professional help from compassionate governmental leadership. True, as Mr. Mudede intones. American society is based on property theft at gunpoint and white occidental lust for degradation and oppression, which explains the economic challenges facing so many or our displaced citizens, and the inertia regarding addressing this clear and present crisis. Vote for Nikkita Oliver or Kshama Sawan for Mayor, if she will run, and deal with poverty in Seattle with public housing and financial support for these displaced brothers and sisters, who are in effect our new, impoverished indigenous peoples. Also, the police should be defunded and the resources devoted to care and shelter for the homeless. Hopefully this lengthy comment didn't cause some hairy philosophy major in Fremont to have a head-rush and soil themselves.


@11 -- I see it takes
the most Direct route


What do you op-ed idiots know about being working class?

14: Nikkita Oliver's platform is entirely race-based, they don't care about the broad working class and you've essentially said it yourself. Why should I vote for someone who will do nothing for me?


@14 did you really just try to argue that our largely youthful, white, out-of-towner homeless population are "impoverished indigenous peoples"?

Have fun supporting Mayoral Also Ran Oliver, though. Hopefully her next "no youth jail" prodigy doesn't carjack you at gun point like the last one.


They should just start naming any article Charles writes "Why all White People Suck (p.s I’m not racist because I’m black)". It’ll save so much time when you no longer have to come up with stupid titles for his pieces.

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