I got curious about this statement, "queer people are disproportionately likely to be impacted by policing." I followed the link to find this explanation:
“Thirty percent of LGBTQ people are people of color,” Harrell says. “It has to be an issue that we address as a social justice organization.”

I have no idea how PoC can be more LGBTQ than the population at large. Strikes me a a just so story. Stonewall was a pivotal moment in LGBTQ history but the movement did not get stuck on Stonewall, the way a certain segment of the social justice movement has, largely to the disservice of BLM.


SB 5227 would become so annoying and counterproductive to faculty and students that there will be an initiative to revoke it.


@2 LOL. When was the last time you were at a community college or university? Everything in this bill has already been going on for years. This just codifies them as a requirement and adds a little accountability. This bill, along with SB 5194, are major victories for racial equity and systemic change in higher ed in this state.

There maybe a few grumblers, but most faculty and students are on board for this type of work.

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