Oh dear, is having AC a dog whistle for something now, or am I just jaded and paranoid, having survived the last five years in Seattle?


@1: "is having AC a dog whistle for something now"

I hope not. Seattle is pushing to get rid of oil and gas heat (coal and wood is right out). What's left is electric and from an economics point of view, heat pump systems are far more efficient than just heating up an electric baseboard. All the state of the art in terms of green energy. And with a heat pump, you also get air conditioning.


My own experience : we didn't have air conditioning in Viet Nam.
We had fans. But only because the American facilities had electricity 24 hours a day, thanks to generating machinery. And we could get to the PX to buy a fan ( except when we were slogging it out through the boonies and couldn't get to the PX ).
Temperatures in the 100's were normal. You might even say "routine". It was THE TROPICS after all. Middle of winter? The 100's. Christmas week? The 100's. Super Bowl week? the 100's.March madness? The 100's. Spring training? The 100's. Rest of the year? The 100's.

The so-called "indigenous" Asian people didn't complain. They didn't have electric utilities, so electric fans ( if they could even have found them ) would have been useless. Let alone air conditioners. They were too busy working in their rice paddies, or raising families, or living their lives in the 100's all year 'round.

So, quit complaining. It's only in the 100's FGS.

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