I wish I could tell you the fire situation on the West Coast will get better.


It won't.

Climate Change is NOW.

We warned you.

You kept increasing emissions.


P.S.: carbon offsets don't work. Buy solar panels and wind turbines directly from your local utilities if you rent or own, as they cost about 1/10th as much in large installations as they do on residential property retrofits. Every time you fly or drive using fossil fuels. It will also reduce your utility bill and help out when we have power outages since there will be more renewables in the mix.


Seems like team sports in general bring out the worst, "us versus them" mentality in a lot of fans.



Fuck off, Phoebe.


@2 Quite a thing to accuse journalists of inciting and endorsing violence/murder without evidence because you disagree with their opinions. Maybe take a break, go outside for a bit before the smoke descends?


if only
You were
jakkky but no
you'd likely land
on your pointy little head
and bounce right
back up.


@1 Will in Seattle: (sigh) Yep. And I wish I had something more optimistic to add.

@2: How do you manage to keep up with all your anonymous sign-in names while rotting in your Mom's basement alongside the mice, spiders, and canned peas, Muffy? Not even artificial preservation from a Tang overdose is going to save or redeem your sorry, ill-informed ass. Go outside while you still can and breathe some air before it's too late.


@3 - British soccer fans have always been especially atrocious, however; worse than fans of other teams and far.



The only thing more atrocious than a crowd of British football hooligans is a crowd of British football hooligans after binge drinking their way through a 90 minute Ryan Air flight from Stansted to the continent...


@12, no, try sharing a train with them .... now that's bad ...



At least on a train you can generall find one car to get away from them...

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