Former public defender Nicole Thomas-Kennedy pulled ahead of batshit Republican Ann Davison in the City Attorneys race..
Former public defender Nicole Thomas-Kennedy pulled ahead of batshit Republican Ann Davison in the City Attorney's race. Bad news for three-term incumbent Pete Holmes. DAWNDRA BUDD

With an estimated 60,000 ballots left to count in King County and about 30,000 left to count in Seattle specifically, the leftward trend in returns continues with the election department's latest ballot drop.

Today's haul includes 80,000 votes countywide, including 40,000 in Seattle. Let's take a look at the results:

Still not lookin great for Pete.
Still not lookin' great for Pete. PETE HOLMES SELFIE

Stranger-endorsed abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy pulled ahead of Republican Ann Davison in the Seattle City Attorney's race. She nows leads Davison by a little over two points, 35.5 to 33%. If the ballots continue trending toward NTK early next week, three-term incumbent Pete Holmes will fail to advance to the general election. That would set up a very annoying but also potentially kinda fun discussion between—and I cannot stress this enough—an unqualified Republican who wants to put homeless people in tents and then put them in warehouses and an abolitionist who wants to stop prosecuting most petty crime.

Crosscut's David Kroman did the math on the vote share in the race:

Former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell's seven-point lead over current Seattle City Council President Lorena González dwindled to four points. That race now stands at 35% to 31%. If the left-leaning shift holds, González should come pretty close to closing that gap next week.

The SECB is the little girl clapping.
The SECB is the little girl clapping. SECB

In the race to fill González’s open citywide city council seat, Fremont Brewery co-owner Sara Nelson now only leads attorney and Creative Justice director Nikkita Oliver by less than a point, 40% to 39.2%. Oliver was seven points behind on election night.

In the other at-large council seat, Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda increased her vote share from 56% to 58.6%. She might crack 60% next week, which would be cool.

No real change in the race for King County Executive. Sen. Joe Nguyen, who's challenging three-term incumbent Dow Constantine, improved by a point and a half. Constantine now leads 52.5% to 32%.