Did I misread, or are church gatherings noticeably absent from the list?


King Countie's "working on a plan" link mentions community organizations which sounds like a catch term all under which churches are included.


Be great if there was at least one movie theatre in this town that require proof of vaccination in order to attend a showing. As far as I can tell there is none.


WSU football fans need to be vaxxed, but their idiot coach still won’t take the shot.


@3 and they better get that shit together before the Dune release!


@3 exactly. MUST SEE DUNE!


@1; 2 - Church gatherings raise questions of constitutional rights that other kinds do not, although I don't think that they get a pass on a generally applicable rule just for being churches. My guess is that the County decided not to include them at this point to avoid the extra drama that would ensue.

@6 - I thought our good Dr. Salim was the lowest of the low. Although at the end of the day, poorly written claims about herpes are kind of funny. But spamming us with quack treatments for serious lung disease is not funny. It's a new low-water mark for you pieces of crap. Go fuck yourself.

Stranger, perhaps time for some moderation?

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