Rich Smith Oct 26, 2021 at 4:42 pm

Let’s review the epic owns from Saturday’s Debate-o-Rama.



Are we really still doing the "look which politician didn't wear a mask!!!" thing? I assumed after the first few hundred times someone was depicted without a mask and it made no difference to their prospects, people stopped caring. See, e.g., Newsom, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, DeSantis, Abbot, etc.


@1 it seems Germaine to point out when leaders lead from below.


I think you mean epic pwnz.
Anyway, pols throwing around 'zingers' makes them look petty and childish.
Like Dow's "sorry I didn't solve global inequity" excuse as to why he took hardly any action on housing and homelessness until covid hit. Really, Dow?


Nikkita Oliver is just the absolute worst panderer to the most brainwashed robots who will vote for whomever seems really woke and far left. It's pathetic. Please come up with a real plan "she, her, him, they, blah blah blah"


There is a strong desire for Maoism in Seattle. I can't wait to see how it works out.


4 You are a racist panderer who is absolutely terrified of those that challenge the racist and classist status quo. Oliver has real answers but you don't want them. We do.

People are tired of your kind of chatter and a brutal and sadistic police force that gets away
with murder. A legal system only works for the rich.


........A legal system that only works for the rich.


6.. can you fill me in on what race Nikkita identifies as before I decide if and how racist I am?


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