I also heard they don't put their pizza boxes in the yard waste container and they had someone clear the leaves from the property with a gas leaf blower! The level of muck raking and slime throwing The Stranger is willing to do to get their slate of candidates elected has long passed th anything goes line. It may yet work and if it does TS will own the inevitable harm it causes.


Nikkita has a bullet on her flyer saying prioritized housing for black, trans, and queer communities. Doesn't seem very racially just considering housing should be based on need, not skin tone or gender identity and expression.


But her sleeves are rolled up, so obviously she is determined to get shit done.


I'm voting for Sara Nelson.

I don't know anything about her. I think I saw something about her being a progressive democrat. I generally like those. Also something about beer. Beer is yummy.

What I do know is that Rich says I shouldn't vote for her.


Her company didn't do a DEI training? Good! That shit is useless at best, counterproductive at worst, which the research has been showing for at least half a decade.

As others have noted, your beating this horse is getting pathological, Rich.


@5 I wouldn’t be so sure. Oliver has a pretty strong base and is smart enough to camouflage her extreme positions much like Mosqueda. I could easily see them wining moving the council further to the left and setting the city up for real ugliness between the exec branch led by Harrell/Davison and the SCC led my Mosquera/Sawant/Oliver. Of course it would only be a matter of time before Sawant attempts to go scortched earth on Oliver like she does with everyone else and I have to admit that will be fun to watch.


"to offer a six- to eight-week internship, with a room and board stipend"

That sounds awesome. Hmm Early 2021 was before the vaccines, and by mid-summer it was obvious we were close to going back to lockdown.

Probably best to wait until a global pandemic has ended before housing a group of strangers, in a dorm type setting, and having them work together in close quarters, without the ability to enforce a vaccine mandate. Especially when the internship is targeting a marginalized group who have historically been harmed by medical mandates.


@5 and 8,

Yea I'm not so sure about that either. All the races are going to be close.
The Davison/Thomas-Kennedy and Nelson/Oliver races are going to be nail biters likely not decided on election night. Harrell and Mosqueda are fairly comfortable but anything can happen, neither have a lead worth sitting on.


The Stranger is really pushing their propaganda even more than usual this election. I will take it as a positive sign that they are afraid that they and their absurdly hard left slate of candidates have lost the narrative. Do I smell desperation or is that just the garbage and shit wafting from the giant encampment in the green belt?


What the heck does any of this have to do with being a City Council Human? I'm voting for Sarah even though I prefer her opponents goals, I just can't stand the screamy maoism anymore. We don't need to devolve to Trump levels around here to get things done.I will vote for the more civil candidate in each race.


@13 Have you met Sara Nelson? She ain’t that civil.


Matt, Chase, or whoever was supposed to to Slog PM tonight, probably just got fed up and got drunk.


@13 'creamy maoism', worst Ben and Jerry flavor ever.


Wouldn't want to bury the SECB prematurely now would we.


I voted for al the incumbents in Bellevue, because it is a well-run city.


@11 I beg to differ, Sir Toby. While the Nelson/Oliver race is liable to be close, the city attorney's race is probably going to be a blow-out for Davison. NTK is simply a terrible candidate.


Oliver and NTK are two peas in a pod and Seattle voters are absolutely dumb enough to elect them both.


Fremont Brewing didn't actually give any completion dates for their three proposals, so it seems more than a little harsh to say they "failed." Although Rich tries really hard to imply they have the money to complete the other two, absent a look at their books (and insight into how they do long-term planning there), we simply don't know. (And, as @10 noted, attempting to execute one of the proposals right now would be a terrible idea, no matter how much money Fremont Brewing has to spare for expensive side projects.)

I do thank Rich for making this inadvertent admission about regular "progressives," though:

'To the extent that the phrase "practical progressive" carries any meaning at all, it might refer to a candidate who proposes uncontroversial and therefore easily accomplishable policies that incrementally improve peoples' lives. '

From this, are we to conclude the unadorned term "progressive" might refer to candidates who propose controversial and non-accomplishable policies that fail to improve people's lives?

Because that would explain a lot about how Seattle got to the current sorry state.


Thank goodness for this reporting. Even if Nelson wins, it creates a dialogue about accountability. This is how you keep a Kyrsten Sinema clone from winning statewide election in Washington. Of course, it’d be cool if voters didn’t fall for the hypocrisy in the first place.


I wonder what the Stranger would uncover if they looked into Nikkita Oliver's post with the same purpose and venom they are reserving fo Nelson?


Incredible news, nobody really doing anything about racism or climate change.


@23: Kinda weird to make a convoluted compression to Sinema to make a point about hypocrisy.


Heaven forbid we ever elect someone to City Council who actually knows how to run a business.


@26 What’s weirder is the attempt to paint Sinema, and Manchin, as THE ENEMY.

They are actually allies who disagree with us.

They both voted to elect Schumer as majority leader and they both voted to convict Trump during both impeachment trials.

Yes I believe they are behaving foolishly but that doesn’t change the fact that they are Democrats and allies I’m this fight.

It’s almost like Seattle Progressives live in an echo chamber and have never had friends or allies disagree with them.


@28 Should read:
Yes I believe they are behaving foolishly but that doesn’t change the fact that they are Democrats and allies in this fight.

Damn autocorrect.


It's crazy that when you incentivize people to merely say the words you get people who only say the words. Who would have thought!

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