In my opinion, this is a really big local election. We've never had the opportunity to elect someone like Gonzalez. The last mayor of her caliber was Norm Rice. As good as Rice was for his time, Gonzalez is exactly what this city needs right now. She is capable, and aware of the big changes that need to be done, while mindful of making them too fast. Ads have tried to portray her as radical, yet she has the support of most of the Democratic and labor establishment. She will slowly reform and shrink the police department, while improving our social service system. This will result in less crime, as it has the world over. The outdated, once racist and now classist zoning laws will also be reformed, and we will join cities like Minneapolis, Portland and Louisville in allowing more people to live in more places. The result will be cheaper housing, which means fewer homeless.

As capable as Harrell is, he either has to turn his back on the people who got him elected, or we will make baby steps in improving the city. I really doubt it will be the former -- he is a team player, and unfortunately, he is on the wrong team right now. If he gets elected, we will be in the same mess we are now: too many people can't afford housing, as we reminisce about a time when few wanted to liver here.


Hey instead of pre-blaming a lost election on boomers and low-turnout (sound familiar?), why not get signatures together and actually change the Charter to match your vision? You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…



Agreed. We need to hold the mayoral and most of the City Council elections during presidential election years.

The small turnout of off-year elections is how people like Sawant, Herbold, Mosqueda, Oliver, Thomas-Kennedy, and Strauss are able to sneak through the primaries and onto the General election.

Presidential Election Years should be when we vote for Districts 1-7, Mayor, and City Attorney. With Districts 7 & 8 taking place two years later during the mid-terms.

Enough of this crap where we hold Odd year elections that are easily manipulated by people with movements.

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