Don't despair Rich. It's not like a progressive loss means a regressive win.


Today the Port Commissioner, tomorrow the world!


@1 Hell anywhere other than Seattle Harrell and Nelson would both be considered Progressives and Davison would be a mainstream liberal.


True, meeb, but Sir Toby II's point still largely holds. Just too bad that, no matter who ultimately wins, none of them has put forth systemic change plans that will solve our public safety and housing/homelessness/affordability crises, nor to up our game for artists/musicians and our Environment. I have little hope that City Hall will do much more than stabilize a very leakey ship right now because we'll still lack real leadership I hope I'm proven wrong.


@4 She does when she is completely ostracized by the cool kids in the Legislative District Clubs.


@6 -- Wait, so:

1) She ran for lieutenant governor as a Republican.
2) She recorded a video explaining why she was now a Republican as part of a “WalkAway” campaign.
3) On Twitter, she decried that the far left was pulling the city toward “Marxism.”
4) She joined conservative efforts to repeal a sex-education law.

She did all that, because she didn't fit in at the legislative district clubs? Yeah, right. If the Republican Party only knew it was that easy to convert Democrats to Republicans, they would be seeding the district meetings with rude Democrats from coast to coast. What an absurd idea -- that someone's ideology is so fragile it can be swayed by behavior at district meetings. Shit, you make her sound even more stupid and petty than she really is.

She is a Law and Order Republican. Just because she is a moderate one doesn't change that. In most parts of the developed world she would be considered a conservative (in the U. K. and Canada, a Tory). Her website is full of reactionary comments, and that is how she ran and probably how she will govern. Pretending otherwise is just silly.


Like I said, wake me on Saturday and tell me those results, because all these early numbers are meaningless. Except Lambert, she's toast.


And we don't ostracize you, Toby, and I've seen her at the meetings, so ...


Will in Seattle, whatever the case here, clearly, the Legislative Districts are more obnoxious clique than not. Some of them meet to endorse candidates BEFORE THE REGISTRATION PERIOD TO RUN HAS OCCURRED. Ridiculous and beyond disappointing. So, please, let's not paint an inaccurate picture. Whatever Davison winds up doing, IF she pulls out the win, her complaints about the Democrat/Union machine here (for the record, I am more progressive than most Dems and rabidly pro-union in principal) are not without any foundation. If you are part of that inner circle and don't see it, you're probably part of the problem. ;-)

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