Tech Nov 12, 2021 at 11:25 am

Seattle developer BigBox VR wants to let you fly. Is this the metaverse?



Facebook/Meta's Oculus Quest 2 - their current mass market goggles, is right in that transition from clunky to not. All of the games that you can use right on the device work very well, and feels like it's mass market ready. But connect it to a computer... you'll have to work at it with either a cable or wireless, you'll have to make sure your computer has the right high-end specs, and then you'll still hit plenty of issues from the software side.

I've more or less started ignoring anything that has to connect to my computer and just stuck with the on-device games and apps. Facebook will love this, since that means buying games from them. But it's just easier.

For as long as VR has been around, I think we're finally getting to the Compuserve phase, where it's ready for the public and not just gaming nerds. Now we just need an America Online level campaign to put it in people's homes.



Wow you just opened that door and danced right through.


MetaVerse away. Reality won’t go away no matter how many verses ok Mark thinks up.
Brittany, free now from that odious father of hers. May she shine bright.


"We went from “what the hell is email” to “even SCHOOLS can get on the information superhighway”"

Maybe if you're talking about elementary schools. But colleges/universities were part of the internet early on obviously.


Actually, we had email and the Internet (and even draft specs for IPv6sec) back in 1987, but hey, by then I'd been online for a decade, and my friends were still using typewriters to type SF books on.

We just didn't invite you guys until later.

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