Meadowbrook Pond is an excellent place to spot beavers.


Not that surprising. Ballard high’s mascot has been a beaver since 1903. 🦫


The house I used to live in on 7th in the U-Dist had a beaver pond behind it, that is until I5 landed there.


@4 - I thought it was going to be a Dan Savage column.


The "Weird Obelisk" is part of a park-wide artwork called Straight Shot - the holes align in a series of them, starting on the ballfield by the dog park:


Hanging out at the Sri Chimnoy peace statue in Fremont one evening pre-pandemic I was very surprised by some beavers climbing up the edge of the Ballard canal. Right in front of me the noisy rascals joyfully interrupted my meditation. Right next to the Fremont bridge. Have no idea what they were doing there but they seem to have fun on that blackberry sticker bank.

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