What a perfectly normal way to operate a supposedly advanced society


A retired man in his 60s and his unemployed son living in a Chrysler PT Cruiser.

And they want subsidized housing in one of the most expensive cities in the country?

One retired, one unemployed. Nothing keeping them in Seattle.

Actually helping them would involve giving the car a tune up and helping them drive it somewhere the son could get a job and they might be able to afford to live.

Letting them park in Ballard for 8 months while waiting for housing in one of the most expensive cities in America is not a viable option.


@2 city should just buy them a house in like Gary, Indiana then hand them the keys and say goodbye and good luck.
be cheaper in the long-run.


@3 I actually just looked at Gary on Redfin, there are tons of surprisingly nice homes on the market for $50,000 or less.

Meanwhile, Seattle is spending as much as $60,000 per person annually for temporary housing in a hotels and we have more people unsheltered than ever before, with no end in sight.

You might be on to something.


It’s crazy that it would be cheaper for Seattle to buy a bunch of properties in rust belt cities, fly our homeless friends, there, then give them the keys and the deed!

Be cheaper and probably more effective than anything else we’ve tried.


@3 Does Gary, Indiana have easily available meth and heroin?


@3 LOL you're joking right? Most of our most vulnerable neighbors acquired their troubles back in the rust belt, or Appalachia, before moving to the west coast for the mild weather and liberal drug laws,


Meanwhile in a city a little further south of us San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a crackdown on drug use and criminality in the streets.

"a reign of criminals,” trash strewn across neighborhoods full of “feces and urine,” and shoplifting at high-end stores that she called “mass looting events.”

I sure hope Mayor Harrell can act in a similar manner to clean up our streets before San Francisco's most vulnerable community members head up north to park their rolling methlabs and tents in Seattle.

We don't need to make parking lots for people to camp out in. We need to make it clear that people who just want to camp out and do drugs are not welcome in Seattle.

And Churches like Redeemer Lutheran and St. Lukes in Ballard are to blame for attracting the "vulnerable neighbors" to Ballard.


Unemployed with jobs aplenty needing workers. Real compassion church folks! I mean naive or purposeful enablement.


So the Stranger is accepting of car ownership culture, but only when used as a domicile.


I’ve seen the paid parking lots that RVS can use. I don’t think they can do it for free. The costs to maintain them is pretty expensive when you start adding up the costs.


Dude George Floyd did not “Fight tooth and nail.” Hell he didn’t even resist. That cop dragged him out of the car and straight up murdered him. That is why his killer was convicted of murder.


I like the Gary Indiana idea. Or Moses Lake. Or Granite Falls. There are any number of cheaper places to live. People move to different cities based on the cost of living all the time. And BTW, the rent in Seattle is NOT $2400. There are many listings well under that. And I would have to figure that even sharing a studio apartment would beat sharing a car.


Homelessness is no joke and I don't mean to diminish the problem. It seems to me that progressives understand the issues of homelessness about as well as Christians understand the issue of premarital sex. I would suggest getting to know some of these people and their stories on a more personal level. I have done so and you will find they don't all fit into one box. These non-solutions seem compassionate but they don't really address the heart of the issue.


@16: these non-solutions aren't coming from "progressives"; they're coming from white male reactionaries. progressives are the ones coming up with non-solutions like "just build more housing", as if the mayor can just snap their fingers and create 5K new units of social housing in anything less that 10 years.

@6: you're joking, but there's meth everywhere now, so yes. Gary has meth.


@3, 4 and How would they pay for property taxes? Do they get


@21 - their property taxes would be way below rent here or in any coastal city. They might even make some money on property appreciation.

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