Everyone in that photo could do themselves a huge service and work some more veggies and exercise into their lives - it would help them and their health immensely.

Before someone lectures me about anything it’s quite easy to 1) exercise and 2) find vegetables to eat without breaking the bank.


The responsibility to get vaccinated is that of the individual and the individual alone. Not the business, the church, the school, etc. Lets put a cork in that line of BS straight away.

There are many reasons Latinos might have a lower rate of vaccination or infection rates, not all of them "equity issues"....but may have much more to do with there family concentrics and socialization customs. I frankly despise these types of slogs that theorize that such is somehow conspired to be so by the "white majority". Its just grade A bull plop.


How about a headline that reflects reality: Ignorance in Latino Communities Persist.

Sort of like it persisted among the MAGA crowd. No one claims their infection rate is an equity issue. It is a stupidity issue.

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