what's next,
Aluminium cans?

gonna put a lotta
po folk outta Work...

perhaps the Po-po
can Hose 'em Down
if they get too big for
their Britches jakkkay.d

say that reminds me:
what's the Navy pay
dolphins for under-
water surveillance?

fish (and chips!?)
or shiny coins?
is it by-the-terrorist
or by-the-Hour?


Can we get those lazy welfare geese who hang around here pooping all year (instead of migrating like hard-working geese are supposed to) to pull their weight too?


Using crows to clean up our city is a great idea. But why stop there. Squirrels could fill pot holes, rats could retrieve syringes and needles, hummingbirds could darn tattered tarps… reminds me of Enchanted with Amy Adams.


Now I am holding out for hyenas.


Look, you've got it all wrong. Capitalism isn't exploiting Crows. CROWS ARE EXPLOITING CAPITALISM.


@7's exactly right.


I am for this. Hopefully we can evolve crows to the point where they are so intelligent they become a threat to humanity and humanity can finally rally all its hate to one cause...destroying the crows.

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