Running through the end of this week is Egyptian-born playwright Yussef El Guindi's latest play, Hotter Than Egypt. Like the 2015 Stranger Genius Award winner's previous work, Hotter Than Egypt similarly explores the convergent terrains of sex and politics and through a dramatic and humorous lens. Set in Cairo, the story follows an American couple on vacation for their 24th anniversary who draw their newly-married Egyptian tour guides into their marital problems. In a recent interview with the Seattle Times, El Guindi told Dusty Somers he first started writing the play in 2013, but shelved it as Egypt was undergoing a revolution at the time. Picking it back up in 2018, he told the Times that he discovered the work is "as much about these people and specifically about the journey of one of the characters as it is about the context in which it is set."

Hotter Than Egypt runs until February 20 at ACT Theatre. Masks and proof of vaccination are required. More info here.

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