Another great comic. Thanks.


@1 -- What is that supposed to mean? Seriously -- I'm not sure what you are trying to say. Do you just say random things on a public forum because you are bored? I'm honestly trying to figure out the rationale and meaning of that comment, because it doesn't make sense to me. It can't be a comment on the comic itself, that wouldn't make sense (no one would be that much of a narcissistic asshole). Maybe it is a comment about surfing? Is surfing "meh" to you?


@2: You're right. An explanation is needed. Natalie has potential.

I thought it would have been fine except for the last panel. I thought it the pun was more amusing than the flippant "sick" response. It was a letdown, hence the meh.


i think a comic writer expecting a visual artist to tell a written story is unfair projection, lack of genuine interest in making a purchase notwithstanding.


actually i'm going to expand: this comic misses the mark because it's an artist expecting another artist to provide provenance.


or it's about us
lowering our

damn you

and to think that
I was just About
to become a


@8 fuck off


Supposedly, The New Yorker prints some of the best short stories available. I often find myself with the same reaction after reading them: meh. Nothing happens in these pieces. They are basically a description of a scene: with no plot, no actions, no change; nothing you could call a ‘story’.
I am disappointed because I have expectations about what I want from spending time (+$) reading a “short story”.

Maybe these are by visual artists, trying to be writers, as posited by #5? Thank you for food for thought this evening

Comics haven’t always been funny for decades now and that’s OK. We have changed our expectations of the art form.
Just when this is common and normalized by those who choose what to publish, it will change again.

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