With regard to Seattle teachers - note that ZERO other Puget Sound teachers union has dug in on this. It makes for a nice news bite on the Stranger, but parent anxiety around whether teachers will show up to school next week is real. Schools closed for 18 months exactly two years ago today, and the union played no small role in that.


The long and short of MLB agreement is that it's better for high-priced veterans, (for example, extending the DH) and younger pre-free agent players,but not much for the middle of the pack players. But the real question is; can the owners nake the game less boring?


Governor: "Masks off on 3/12"
Teachers union: "This causes chaos and confusion for staff and families"


If you think the MLB collective bargaining agreement has or will have any impact on average workers, you’re out to lunch.

You realize that most professional athletes are Republicans that don’t want to pay a dime of taxes, right?

I love it…

The Stranger: “Go Players Union… stick it to those billionaire owners!”

Also The Stranger: “Tax those Republican millionaire players!”

Pure genius.

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