“[The district] would rather have our family members die and have us deal with this for another five years than deal with some conservative parents complaining about how their mask itches,” one student said into the megaphone. “Get your shit together, SPS.”

right f'in' There:

'students' using
fucking Profanity!?

well there goes all Their 'Credibility'!
so much for their "Moral Authority"!



These students should Google "one way masking." If you're vaxxed and boosted and wearing a good mask, the masklessness of the person(s) you're interacting with is essentially irrelevant.


and an immuno-compromised teach
spending 7 hours a day in a poorly-
vented schoolroom: well-Masked-
up, will They be safe too?

what do they
say about that?




SPS students are obviously learning hype writing skills from their unionized educationalists.


@2 Perhaps. But without a mandate you still have the bullying/peer pressure problem.


@3 if that’s the standard you want to set than masks should be permanent but of course that’s not realistic. If you are thay compromised you probably should be in a high exposure environment like a school. Even before Covid they were essentially biological warfare factories.


Good point @2


"...If you're vaxxed and boosted..."

Almost none of the children in the preschool programs run by SPS are vaccinated yet because most of them are under 5 years old and can't get the vaccine. These kids are in the same buildings as everyone else and yet they're always left out of the conversation.

Some of these kids have learning and developmental disabilities that put them at high risk. How convenient that everyone keeps "forgetting" that.


"This is about a small albeit highly vocal group... "

'free speech'?

Save it for those
who can Afford it.

"... attempting to wrest control
from SPS administrators for no
other reason than because they can."

sayeth those Happy
as Clams to leave them
the Biosphere from Hell.

yeah, no I do
Not Think So.
it's fucking UP
To THEM the
Planet they'll
Inherit. who
Else? Seize
the Fucking
DAY, 'kids.'
it's YOUR


@11, yeah the talking point/demand - stick with the original (teachers’ union) plan - sounds…familiar.


oh and "No one wants to be ''The Adult in the Room' because if you put your foot down you'll be accused of being 'patriarchal', and they'll probably find some way to accuse you of being 'racist', 'transphobic', etc.

ah, yes, The Easily Shamed*
there oughtta be a damn LAW

oh, wait --

*lauhing out fucking
LOUD here Snarko

were you


okay last one:

"All that will remain
in the SPS system are the
poor, the stupid, and the ones who
don't have the sense to come out of the rain."

my oh my what
Pretty words
you have

but WHO tf IS it
Always be-moaning
the 'Lowered Expectations'
of the (currently) Downtrodden?

[is it still Legal to
point out Hypocrisy cum
Absurdity? so far? good! I am In].


So precious these students. They obeyed the guidelines when imposed but in the interim, have gotten medical and epidemiology degrees that inform them better than these same people who imposed the original guidelines and are now lightening them.

As to those who claim immunocompromised status, I am skeptical. This is often self-diagnosed and I would bet that the majority have no medical evidence of such status. No matter though, as others have pointed out, anyone is free to wear a fitted N-95. Cloth masks are basically hygiene theater.

The bullies at this time are those who insist on others wearing masks in the absence of demonstrated public health need or for that matter efficacy. Vaccines, not masks are what is going to meaningfully reduce morbidity and mortality of Covid and for that matter, other preventable diseases that have vaccine options.


speaking of kristofarians pointless
ad hominem attacks aside:

"All that will remain
in the SPS system are the
poor, the stupid, and the ones who
don't have the sense to come out of the rain."
--el Snarko

got any More el?


"The moment you stray off the rez in word, thought, or deed, these latter-day Jacobins will 'cancel' you with a Javertian monomania that would leave Red China's Cultural Revolutionaries slackjawed with awe and envy."

and yet you're Still Here.

oh the


'good' thing
for Your side
FIVE Corps Own
90% of 'our' Mass Media.

your Crocodile tears


speaking of Cancel Culture*

I'd Love to get
some Feedback from
The Students. Whatchya say tS?

*it's just a FLU!


No one gave a shit when it was old people dying from COVID. They don't care now that's it's vulnerable people with compromised immune systems and disabled people that are dying. Teenagers are a huge percentage of the unvaccinated because they actually believe they will be fine if they get it (despite the number of teenagers that have died).

And they will not care when children get serious, lifelong, disabling health problems (or die). These are the same people who do not give a shit that children are slaughtered in mass shootings, as long as they get to have their fucking guns.

All death is acceptable and irrelevant (as long as it is happening to someone else).

This country cares about individual freeDUMB to do whatever any specific individual wants to do fuck everyone else, even if they die. And when children who have serious health problems due to having had COVID (especially those who can't be vaccinated yet) and the number of disabled people in this country explodes (because right now 25% of the adult population has a disability) all of the assholes who screamed about their fucking freeDUMB will be the first to scream about way too many people requiring too much health care (that THEY don't want to pay for) and too many people unable to work and requiring taxpayer funded services.

This country is a fucking dumpster fire.


@22, this is a whole lot of non sequiturs for one post! It isn’t reasonable to continue requiring masking children when case counts are this low, when we have N95s that protect the wearer, vaccines and other tools to treat the disease, when we are two years into this and harms are being identified with prolonged masking (language development for K-5s is a thing). We can’t say “trust the science” on one side of our mouths and then turn around and stage a march when public health officials’ advice makes us anxious.

I feel your outrage though. It has been a crap couple of years. Let’s not fuel the school-based culture wars with it.


The Next Covid Wave Is Prob-
ably Already on Its Way
March 22, 2022

The risks for the United States are clear. BA.2 is increasing and will likely soon account for most new cases in the country.

Masks have come off and approximately 60 percent of Americans, including more than one third of people above age 65 — more than 15 million seniors — are not up-to-date with vaccination.

This doesn’t mean that BA.2 will
inevitably cause a deadly surge.

But it does mean that cases may increase soon, and that unvaccinated and under-vaccinated elderly and medically vulnerable people could face a deadly threat.

by Tom Frieden
Dr. Frieden was the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2009 to 2017.

show’s Over?
why Sure it is!
make Arrange-
ments Today!


I watch the ripples change their size
but never leave the stream
of warm impermanence

and so the days float through my eyes
but still the days seem the same

and these Children that you Spit on
as they Try to Change their Worlds
are Immune to your Consultations*
they're quite Aware of what
They're Goin' Through:


--David Bowie

*but not your


speaking of Cancel Culture
Elton John's 'Indian Sunset':


let it Go? well you're
the CPO el Snarko but
I'm to call you 'el Sherriffiho'?

I may be low on Ammo
tho Pixels I possess a'
Plenty but what
about them

damn Kids these Days
will they never Learn-o?


and like you
they pay me
by the Word
count. just
Not in


"... the right always in the end gets what it wants. In this case, it is getting its beloved necroeconomics, or, put another way, a society that explicitly places the value of life below the endless accumulation of value in the form of capital."
--Charles Mudede

Such a Fine Planet
such a Finite Planet
Going Going Gone
sold out to the Low
Bidder sold right on
down a damn River
another Mansion a-
nother Yacht lookit
how Much y'all got
& it'll NEVER be E-


“Kid’s are okay if you cook them long enough”.
W.C. Fields


@Kristofarian: You probably should get a new job or a new hobby or volunteer at the church food bank or learn to golf or walk dogs or maybe get laid occasionally or pretty much fucking anything! JEEBUZ!!!!!!


perhaps dirtbag
but somedays
i'm Chained
to this com-

wage Slavery
is not All it's
cracked up
to be.


Jesus Kris. Get another hobby. Also these kids are idiots.

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