Music Mar 31, 2022 at 10:50 am

Here are three major shows happening at Jazz Alley in April.



A little, but not too surprised no mention of Bill Frisell. Vieux Farka Touré as well, but that's later in May.


I remember when the space that Jazz Alley is in was the ultra glam downtown United Airlines ticket counter. That whole building was once known as the United Airlines Building.


A real "world-class city" doesn't call itself a "world-class city". Seattle has held this phrase in its mouth as long as I can remember. Like calling yourself "classy", it ain't.


Free drinks if you mention jazz alley?


The Triple Door seems like direct competition with Jazz Alley. But some acts that would play in either of those have been hitting the Neptune lately. I wonder what's up with that. Also, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah hitting the Croc!


I saw Steve Gadd this year which was a great show, and I was supposed to see arguably the world's greatest bassist in Victor Wooten last year but my dumb ass missed the date.


Yes, Jazz Alley is a world-class jazz venue (one of my favorite memories of shows there: Jim Hall, on his very last tour)--but there's one huge problem with the place: all the best seats are at tables reserved for diners, and the food there is expensive and just okay (at best), which makes for a ridiculously expensive night out. Sure, you can just order the cheapest thing on the menu, but then you're screwing over the wait staff. It's like eating there is the tax you have to pay to see the musicians up close.

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