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Or should we call it County Hall Park?



It's somewhat disingenuous to worry ag\bout the loss of the open space to the community. That space was lost when the homeless encampment took over


The "Deal with City Hall Park" illustrates the complete lack of political will to act in the affirmative by the City Counsel.

Instead of cleaning up the mess, dealing in the affirmative with a comprehensive and effective plan for the homeless, they chose to instead:

a) Allow the homeless to congregate, defecate and attack both city workers and pedestrians

b) Then lacking anything akin to a back bone, figured a good exit plan would be to give the park to the county and thereby make it the county's problem.

Extrapolating on this "brilliant pass the buck" concept, why not round up all the homeless and drop them off with a sack lunch, some of the drugs from the evidence locker at the SPD and $100 at the nearest county or state park.

problems solved!!!



That's not solving the problem, as I suspect you very well know; that's just, as you yourself put it "pass(ing) the buck" for someone else to deal with - and not very brilliantly, either...


@3 Geeze There comte....

Look up the word waggish, flippant or facetious and then apply it in the context of the comment regarding extrapolating.

In other words, its a parody of the way the Silly Counsel handles their problems.

I'm hazarding a guess here ...but I suspect that reading and comprehension were not your strong suits in school.


Now that we have a City Attorney who is willing to enforce the law we should start clearing the tents immediately after they appear.

It is illegal to set up a camp in a city park, we need to enforce this aggressively. The moment a tent is setup in City Hall Park the camper should be confronted by police and identified. Once identified they should be checked for warrants and extradition orders and instructed to move along. If the camper refuses to move they need to be charged with a crime, and their tent and any items inside the tent seized as evidence.

We have spent the last 13 years rolling over and allowing these itinerants to camp wherever they want and do whatever they want. the time of compassion is over. Immediately arrest the campers. They are breaking the law and do not deserve even 15-minutes notice before their camp is swept and they are charged.

Sweep aggressively sweep consistently and keep sweeping them right out of Seattle.


Hannah should move to the park for a month staying in a tent. Anyone want to bet her opinion would change?


@7 She used to work for Real Change. I’m sure Tim Harris would arrange a body guard for her.


I have been around Seattle since the 1970's, and I cannot think of a time when City Hall Park was a pleasant place to spend time. That's in large part because of the city's insistence on concentrating much of the social services around Pioneer Square, where the poor/ill/addicted are preyed upon by the people who see opportunity for profit in them.


I am just grateful mr little hands stopped using excessive and bizarre punctuation


@9 You don’t remember those summer days when kids played tag and ate ice cream in City Hall Park?

The city should clean it thoroughly, bring in new top soil, plant some native grasses and plants that can handle our dry summers, and then put up a fence 15 feet high topped with razor wire to keep everyone out. Let it go back to nature, while serving as a monument to the many failures of government, the perils of drug addiction, and the overall lack of personal responsibility that led to this point. If the humans can’t manage the real estate properly then let it go back to nature.


City Hall Park has no water views, and has road traffic on 3 sides - it was never a good pedestrian park, unlike Occidental Park, or Westlake.
Since every other scrap of land in Seattle has been developed, putting a 12 story building there is as viable as any other use.


"When Councilmembers Andrew Lewis and Tammy Morales pushed back, insisting that the Mayor still had time to disapprove, Emery said that the Mayor supports the county’s proposed land transfer."

As we're going to be reading a lot of whining from the Stranger about how Mayor Harrell isn't playing nice with the "progressives" (i.e. extreme left-wingers) on the City Council, I'll do the Stranger the favor of explaining both why it happens, and why the Stranger's whining plays into it.

Mayor Harrell is a veteran politician. Therefore, he understands he has nothing to lose, and much to gain, from positioning himself as the reasonable, liberal alternative to the unpopular left-wing extremists on the Council. He'll oppose and even antagonize them as he sees fit, because the recent election results show how deeply unpopular their views have become. The more he pushes them into opposing items such as clean, safe parks, the more popular he will become, and the less popular they will become. (And who comes up for re-election next, most them, or him?) So, the Stranger should expect to see a lot more of this.


@13 Good. The far left has single handedly destroyed much of downtown in the name of addicts. Who in their right mind believes it’s ok to let an army of addicts to live in the streets and steal from everyone else to support their habits?


@14 stranger do be like that tho.
jail bad, languishing in the gutter with needle hanging from limp arm good.


@14 Not only Seattle, the far left's temper tantrums in 2020 cost the Democrats 15 seats in the House and 2 Senate seats in the 2020 election and their continued whining and pouting has the country on the verge of giving the GOP both the Senate and the House.

Progressives: The best friends Mitch McConnell ever had.


@17 agreed… and they can’t make themselves see it.

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