It is possible to electronically file your taxes for free. The IRS provides its own free fillable forms (, or qualifying tax payers can use free versions of the standard tax software apps (

For those of you who may be more math or form-challenged, I suggest starting your return in TurboTax online and then manually transferring the numbers over to the IRS electronic forms; saves a bit of time and TT does all the pesky math functions for you, plus you don't ever get far enough into their app to have to pay to file the return through them.


Just a matter of time before Dianne is convinced to retire, in the meantime she deserves abundant compassion and patience given her years in public service.


It's also still possible to simply drop a hard-copy return in the mail.


@1 The problem I have with the free versions of commercial software (I know others may feel differently) is that you are submitting highly confidential, sensitive information to a third party which, while it presumably takes security seriously, is still one more possible hacker target than necessary for those with relatively simple finances. The IRS really should allow people to file online with them directly.


Hurray for all those workers and supporters for standing up against greed and exploitation.!!!!


Wow.. what a crazy world out there.

Union and worker strife left and right. Those big companies are abusing their workers... we got Starbucks doing something wrong, although I'm not sure what it is... but lets strike anyway.

Amazon is always wailing on their peeps.. so lets drive those assholes out of town. oh, right we already did that. They are in Bellevue now and we have a dead zone in SLU.

... and then those darn income taxes.. that's a real pickle. Half of us just goofed off in high school so we can't add or multiply, and our attention span is greatly curtailed because of all the pot we smoke...

So really ... its just impossible to fill out a simple tax return. And why doesn't the government provide us crayons to fill it out?

Its a mine field of problems out there ... Won't somebody think of the millennials!

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