The job market here is at your service.. Safeway, QFC etc...20 bucks n hour to be a chimp.. Union etc. There are Depts closed, check stands empty, and thats just the grocery biz.. Does this, do these measures enable some renters to not even look for work?.

We have jobs for miles and a labor shortage and renters with months some even years of back rent not paid..... How does that make sense.hmmmm


If they identify as someone who shouldn't have to pay rent, then that means they don't have to in their minds.


Ridiculous.... Dan Strauss has nothing to do all day.

Where is Sawant? Quietly licking her wounds after that abysmal showing on the recall election.

Her political consultants are probably telling her to sit this one out and lay low.


" earlier city ordinance around repayment plan rules..."

So, was the ordinance wrapped around the rules, or tied around the rules? Spun around the rules?


Dan Strauss is one of the reasons Seattle lost almost 10,000 affordable apartments in just one year. Mom and Pop landlords are fleeing Seattle and selling this units. This is data from the City of Seattle Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance.

10,000 apartments lost. And not $4/sf corporate housing, but $2/sf affordable housing

If Dan keeps trying to give hand jobs to progressives we will have no affordable housing in Seattle


The job market is so hot, many employers are foregoing background checks and interviews and simply hiring people over the telephone.

Progressives have a tendency to find problems for solutions.

If everyone goes out and gets a job, they will not need rent payment assistance in this booming, albeit inflationary economy.

The City of Seattle and her taxpayers should not have to cover the margin for folks who fail to participate in the economic franchise and get a job to pay their rent.

Also, rent payments are a personal arrangement between landlord and renter, like your tax liability with the Internal Revenue Service, and should not be a matter of public discourse and regulation.

Sure, you have all kinds of nosy kooks who want to examine your medical records or sift through your bank records and look for naughty photos of you online, nevertheless, these troll-like pursuits are the province of simple-minded idiots, and the municipal government should partake of these activities, like handing out condoms or feminine products on the street corner, or advocating for Hells Angels and lumberjacks to compete in female athletic competitions, as we saw with that big, hairy swimmer who ran the table at the NCAA Women’s Division I Swimming and Diving Championships, and essentially drilled women’s athletics in the caboose.

No wonder many property owners are pulling up their pants and selling their properties and exiting the Seattle real estate scene, only to have these properties replaced with expensive condominiums which furthers the affordable housing crisis, and puts more renters on the street.

The Seattle City Council and Dan Strauss should cease meddling in these personal matters and address more pressing issues like physical safety downtown so innocent bystanders and tourists don’t get manhandled by woebegone denizens of the street, with all the resultant property damage and potential homicide, which further erodes Seattle’s livability and hollows out the downtown core, particularly Third Avenue, which has become a corridor of ill-repute thanks to lackluster law-enforcement and indifference from city government, which tends to meddle in private matters like rent control, yet will not address the basics like police protection and criminal prosecution.

To be sure, there is a linkage between poverty and crime, although in this rent-control scenario, we have a crisis in leadership, which enables bad behavior, when citizens who have motivational and performance issues, having become hooked on the happy juice, should be participating in the labor market which is desperate for manpower, and taking care of themselves.

All these wiry people you see milling around downtown babbling to themselves and scoring fixes should redirect that surplus energy to finding a job, even in the secondary labor market picking up rags behind the Safeway or whatever, rather than foaming at the mouth and creating social discord.

Certainly disabled folks who need a leg-up in the world should be provided rent vouchers by the city or county to cover their margin, and given assistance navigating the byzantine human services system in order to obtain benefits, however, these folks like this able-bodied young gentleman pollysexual saw at the market, playing accordion and asking for handouts, should go out and look for a job, which would take as much energy as making a public nuisance of yourself and driving customers away from businesses, and produce better life-changing, long term results.

There can be no debate, drug-addiction is a health concern and serious impairment, so these afflicted individuals should be directed to drug-treatment programs so they can rejoin society and get off the taxpayer supported gravy train Councilmember Dan Strauss is proffering, to deleterious ends.

Covering rent bills for people can only prolong this undignified social problem.

In plain truth, rents are expensive, but can be managed by sharing apartments and houses with friends and partners, although you could get finger-diddled in the night unsuspectedly if you don’t know your roommate too well, or they want to get to know you too well.

Everyone remember your Manchurian Candidate mantra about what a great Neo-Capitalist leader Jeff Bezos is:

“Jeff Bezos is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.”

It may well be that Bezos contributes to The Stranger, so you’re on tender buns if you criticize his hairy, over-indulged personage on these comment threads.

If Bezos texts photos of his big, hairy backend he better use a flash, it’s probably darker than Son Doong Cave down there.


"Nearly two months ago the council voted to end the eviction moratorium, and since then they’ve done nothing to help prevent what could become a landslide of evictions."

Likewise, over those same two months, the Stranger has done nothing to show any "landslide of evictions" might actually exist. So, it's the fault of the Council for not responding to a crisis the Stranger cannot actually show is happening? (Man, tough crowd...)


Yeah, it's not like people could go out and get a fucking job or anything.


I’m so sick of all the graffiti. It’s made the city look like a pigsty.


Sorry that comment was meant to go on another article not this one.

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