Would the author kindly let us know what on earth a "pho fat wash" is? All I can imagine is a glass, greasy with beef drippings.


Ah. I've googled "fat washed whiskey" now, and I wasn't disappointed. It's a severely fussy and twee process that essentially disqualifies this cocktail from becoming a standard.


Seattle already has a signature cocktail, The Last Word. Might have been invented in Detroit but Saint Murray Stenson made it Seattle's. The drink has the advantage of not being "fat washed."


The iconic Seattle cocktail is gin, ice, cream cheese and sriracha blended and topped with a salmon maki


"Piss n' vomit" should be the iconic Seattle drink. Certainly have seen enough guys piss in their jeans before vomiting in Seattle bars.


Please refer to this drink as the 'New Seattle' signature cocktail. For anyone who actually grew up here on music, cheap beer, and strong drinks, this cocktail (and just about anything within a mile of Bezos' balls) can go fuck itself.


@3 YES.


As Choska called out, the Last Word is an iconic cocktail invented here in Seattle by a Seattle legend.


A thing that’s not actually a cocktail, held up as a pretentious example of perfection despite not meeting the bare minimum requirements.

Yes, I think that is the perfect Seattle cocktail*.


Drinking "tea" alongside whiskey is not a cocktail.


Sterno through a sock.

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