Economy May 2, 2022 at 2:50 pm

A 90% increase in 4 years? Now that's inflation.



Uh where’s the connection between nationalizing Boeing and homelessness? Industrial landlords get more of that sweet sweet tax money and what does everyone else benefit from the deal?


Expanding on @2, what is the connection between Seattle's policy on encampment sweeps and commercial rents for industrial property in Kent?


Its a juxtaposition used to point out the contrast between Seattle and Kent's mayoral policy positions.


@4, Ah. How useful is it to contrast COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS THO? Kent might find itself in the same situation when its industrial renters set up tents and shoot up drugs in the park. We are here because previous elected leadership failed to demonstrate their ability to manage a very big problem.

Best of luck to Kent.

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