You guys Im starting to think that someone who looked at Republicanism in the Trump era and said "ooo yea, I wanna start being associated with that" might not have a brain that's firing on all cylinders.


Ah the poor Fentanyl addicts who are just "stealing a meal" from Target. I didn't know Lego sets, Ninja blenders, 6 packs of t-shirts, and alcohol are part of a well-balanced diet.


@4 Based on what I see on offer along 3rd, it seems like tube socks and batteries should be included in your list.


"...stealing food..."

That's a lie NTK told during her voyage to her electoral drubbing. Apparently unaware the candidate it had endorsed was blatantly lying, the Stranger tried very, very hard to find anyone prosecuted for stealing food. After relentlessly cherry-picking from the already-skewed data NTK and others had provided, the Stranger managed to find a few persons who had indeed been arrested for stealing food:

If you read the article (not recommended, as it is pretty much a complete waste of time), you can see that none of the persons arrested for stealing food were actually prosecuted for it. Either they were not prosecuted at all, for anything, or they were prosecuted for other crimes they had committed.

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