At the end of the day, it's the votes that count. The rallies and protests help, of course, but they are more for angry undergraduates and MAGA types.


"Democrats Want Your Vote, Socialists Want Your Feet on the Street"

At the end of the day the votes will be more effective.

History has repeatedly shown that when people "burn the whole damn thing down" the first thing that happens, while the fires are still burning, is a totalitarian mob regime that swings between total chaos and systemic slaughter.

The mob is soon replaced by a populist tyranny, often nationalistic and militaristic.

After a devastating war the nationalistic tyranny either wins and survives for decades.....
Or is bitterly defeated, leaving the country and the economy devastated, and leading to.

The restoration of the Old Order sometimes with concessions to mitigate whatever caused the original fire, but sometimes even more severe.

In all cases "The People" get absolutely and utterly shafted and emerge after two or three decades in even worse shape than they were at the beginning of the revolution.

So be very, very careful what you wish for. and consider whether you are ruthless and opportunistic enough to survive "burning the whole damn thing down" or if you are likely to be one of the first victims of the chaos.


Did Sawant apologize for not supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016, which helped get Trump elected and created the vote margin to overturn Roe v. Wade? Because if she didn't she may want to go ahead and sit this one out.


I know I'm wearing my pink pussy hat, voting Democrat, and contributing to Planned Parenthood as much as possible.
What I need is a T-shirt that reads "When MEN need abortions, I'll shut up".


@5 not likely. She would never pass up the chance to co-opt an issue and make it all about her and her movement. TS continued support of her truly is one of the worst things they foist upon this city.


These Bernie-or-busters got their second best scenario. It takes a lot of chutzpah to blame this on the Democrats, but Sawant has never lacked chutzpah.


Rallies might have made news one day, but after five years of chaos, this is easy noise yo turn out. I think of them more as big parties for depressed citizens who need an issue specific pick me up.


@4 is right. If you forget recent history and vote in the coming midterms for somebody who's not on the ballot because you think the Dem's too mild, you don't deserve to be listened to, ever again.


@11 Christ. Just admit you made a mistake you asshole.


@6: I assume you are really addressing @4?

@11 David_in_Shoreline: You're full of shit, as usual. Try not to fall in when flushing.

@12 RogerTheShrubber: He won't. He's frozen in the downward spiral of MAGA, too stupid to see reason, and will still be laughing maniacally down in hell like Fire Marshall Bill in a firestorm. Even when covered in his own shit and permanently cornholed by Rush Limbaugh and Doug Ericksen, he'll see it as a high honor.


Pokemon go to the polls. If you can get out and protest, march your ass to a voting booth you lazy kids


@11 -- I would think the people who went around bashing candidates like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton and saying there was no difference between them and George Bush and Donald Trump would be the ones who should engage in some self reflection. After all, the votes to overturn Roe weren't provided by justices appointed by Democrats. And the votes to overturn Obergefell and Griswold won't be provided by justices appointed by Democrats. They'll be provided by justices appointed by Bush and Trump. Which is why not supporting Gore and Clinton was so obviously idiotic at the time, and looks even worse now.


@2 - angry undergraduates and the Left's version of MAGA is exactly who support Sawant.


It's interesting that Democrats want everyone to vote while Socialists and Republicans are united in wanting fewer people to vote.

Kind of makes you wonder whose side Sawant is really on.


Bernie bros in WA obviously did not vote in Trump either by omission or commission because Hillary won WA (and there doesn't seem to be any meaningful threat to Patti Murray or Maria Cantwell). Loren Culp can't fool enough people west of the mountains but Rob McKenna could if enough people out in the counties get scared for the safety of their subdivisions and malls.

Voting remains essential. And funding abortion providers.


@18 but oddly you’re okay with CoVID19 killing mostly unvaccinated MAGA dipshits.

So I guess it’s a wash.


@18 has the distinct whiff of a man who was once told "i'm not having YOUR baby, you piece of shit".

hey, this is fun! socialist blaming dems. dems blaming socialists. yeah, that's a winning strategy.


Where was Sawant’s outspoken support for Abortion BEFORE the leaked SCOTUS document? Did she ever appear at the annual RvW rallies in Olympia when the Legislature is in session? Has she ever hosted a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or the NW Abortion Access Fund?


@24 -- cool! So I assume then that when the Democratic party ran a popular candidate in Joe Biden rather than -- in your words -- a deeply unpopular one in Hillary Clinton, you were all in on Biden, right? Because I'd hate to think you were lying.


It is ironic that Sawant who campaigned against Hillary in swing states on the eve of the election of Trump in 2016 that lead to the appointment of conservative justices that want to criminalize abortion is now grabbing her megaphone to lead marches that won’t do a damn thing to address the crisis she helped create. She is a grifter people. She has no interest in solving problems only power. Wake up. You are the tea party of the left.


Not only is a blowjob cannibalism, flogging the little fireman is a capital offense.

«Genesis 38:8 [He] spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death »


27 Yeah none of that tracks.


@25, just because you live in WA doesn't absolve you. you represent a mindset that also exists in other states (as much as you'd like to believe it, you're not a special snowflake). that mindset helped elect w bush and trump. but, hey, pat yourself on the back that you live in a blue state, so you can write in a vote for whoever you choose and it won't matter. pretty great, huh? you have absolutely no pressure to actually take any sort of stand, or compromise your principles one bit, because the rest of us will carry your sorry ass to the finish line.

if it wasn't for us you'd be under trump and culp rule.


So many libs in these comments that think history began in 2016. Obama campaigned on codifying Roe and he had a super majority and he never did it. Democrats could literally do it now. What good is more voting if Dems can't do this one basic thing. Maybe do some reflecting on why people don't want to vote for your off party instead of trying to shame them into voting (a winning strategy!).


@31, we're supposed to "reflect" on why people who think the last election was stolen don't want to vote for "our party"?

yeah, let me do some deep soul searching on that.


something more useful than rioting in King County would be going to eastern WA and escorting abortion refugees past protestors at clinics in Spokane, Walla Walla, etc... that are about to be overrun.


@32 excellent strawman, my friend. Good luck out there. Peace and love.


How many sock puppets are you going to make this week? Maybe lay-off the underscores on the next one.

Democrats made abortion legal in the first place. Democrats funded the clinics. And for 50 years women had a right to their own body’s thanks to democrats. Despite constant coordinated assault by a fanatic minority of Rightwing zealots. Despite bombings, and murders by Rightwing fanatics.

Had we not voted Democratic those rights, as well as your labor right to post trolling bullshit in the internet all during your “work day,” was won by democrats.

The fact is most of the country is held hostage by shit holes with outsized power due to the sham of the electoral college. A sham perpetuated and weaponized by your Rightwing.

And in fact democrats win elections when they are not stolen. And when the do you piles of total shit stage coup attempts to overthrow them.


I 100% agree with this. Unlike BLM where almost every US city has racist police corruption issues, the abortion issue is largely settled in the Blue Cities. So marching and rallying is merely an escape valve to let off steam, but achieves very little.

Go to Spokane or Boise. Help the women there. Have a pro choice trucker convoy in Boise.


@25 name your last five accounts or STFU.


@22 #18 is our former racist troll who used to name himself after fascist dictators and machine guns.

And his impeccable logic: that he want's abortion because it kills more liberal babies (read: he means black people) but votes for Rightwing lunatics who overturn abortion so that... fewer liberal babies (read: he means black people) get killed?

He's just itching for the day he can cut out the middle man and murder liberal babies directly. Of course he won't. Because he'd have to leave mom's basement and he poops his little WallMart panties when a car backfires or when a black teenager looks at him. But somebody tougher than him with big hunky muscles.


Right, Hannah. Storm Congress. Burn the whole damn thing down. You and what army? Kshama’s way isn’t protest. It’s tantrum. It’s impotent noise heard only in a town that used to be so safe and insular people could forget there is a real live monster out there that would be only too happy to gut us all like fish.

You know who Kshama sounds like? Ernst Thälmann.


@40. What is your preferred political party, the one that will make a difference?


Abort early and abort often. When in doubt, cut it out.

I grew up in Iowa, where abortion was legal, but frowned upon. I knew girls from conservative families who got abortions. The wealthy families quietly had it taken care of, the girls from the poor families usually had to fend for themselves, because their parents actually believed all that glurge about babies. Lots of strenuous exercise, falling down stairs, and having their boyfriend kick them in the stomach. If that didn't work, they tried invasive solutions.

Most of them went on to be wives and mothers. And most of them are dyed-in-the-wool Republicans.


"Where was Sawant’s outspoken support for Abortion BEFORE the leaked SCOTUS document?"


I don't have an exhaustive knowledge of her activities with regard to PP and other abortion rights organizations but a little searching got me these results:


" In 2016 I would have voted for Bernie Sanders if the DNC would have allowed it."

Golly, you're as whiny and victim-y as a conservative.


Oh now, you_can't_stop_us dear. Don't be bitter. Turn that frown upside down. I'm sure you're pretty when you smile.


@46: Voting is an exercise in power. That is why, in 2016, the "family-values" crowd lined up, with servile obedience, to vote for a high-living libertine from New York City. They may not have liked his personal life, his other politics, or anything else about him, but they did not care about any of that. The only thing they did care about was that he had promised them power, specifically the power to force those disobedient little sluts into back-alley butchery, as divinely-ordained punishment for violating the family-values crowd's diktaks on sexual behavior. So they voted for him, and now, they may well have received what they wanted in return.

Voting is an exercise in power. It's not a hipster accessory, it's not a badge of superiority, it's not a basis for feeling smugly superior to liberals. (The forced-childbirth crowd honestly believes they are morally superior to liberals, too, so great company you're keeping there.) Keep on demanding the world kowtow to all of your precious demands in return for your one little vote, and you'll keep watching civil liberties erode and the world go to hell. Sure, your public posturing and preening about your superior morality makes you feel better, but it will do nothing at all for impoverished rape victims dying of sepsis.

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