Great review! Can't wait to check it out.

As with all Stranger restaurant reviews, any information at all about where he sources his meat would be very welcome. Good decisions start with good information, like knowing if his meat comes from inhumane, environmentally destructive mega-producers like Tyson, Purdue, Sysco, Koch Industries, etc. Thanks in advance.


I agree with periwinkle. Please Meg, listen - many of us don't eat red meat, but even those who unfortunately do understand the need to limit the extent of pain and suffering inflicted on another living being to have their tasty treat. At a minimum, red meat eaters should understand the environmental impacts from eating the pig flesh and other red meat desired. Adding a few sentences in an article to better understand would he helpful.

(For all those who don't care about the ethical or environmental implications of your dietary choices - please research the health reasons for abstaining - red meat will kill you.)


Looks great!!. spicey!!!
Capitol Hill needs a good Sandwich place, and Pizza spot for Fuck sakes.. North end of Broadway. I know, I know, Honey hole, but a bit dangerous to walk there.. Pizza Twist?..nope. whole pie, or by the slice, its over due... Hoagy place for sure needed. Even a Jersey Mikes would cut it..


Yes red meat is a carcinogen big time. so is our city water. please research the health reasons for abstaining - toxic chemical levels in the water will kill you.)

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