Seriously? These kids think Red-state Republicans will even NOTICE a student walk-out at a Blue-state public university, let alone CARE? Do they think this will make a Democratic WA Legislature more Democratic? Influence the Federal judiciary? They need UW to offer better access to reproductive healthcare when there is a Planned Parenthood three blocks off-campus? What exactly is their theory of change, here?


@1 did you note the groups who were cited? Students against Facism, Socialist Alternative et al. It’s the same Marxist clowns that detest everything about our society. You ask what their change theory is and it’s basically nothing less than the installation of a Marxist state. Of course they would be among the first victims of such a state.


@1 - Their passion matters, and I think that's important enough.


Men really shouldn't get to have an opinion on this


I don't know why old people are so intimidated by students protesting. Are they afraid they're going to end up on their lawn?

Good for the students, but it means nothing unless it's accompanied by a vote.

And are the students at Bellingham, Ellensburg, Cheney, Olympia, Walla Walla and Pullman doing the same? We need to get a less crazy WA state congressional delegation. In areas of sparse population - meaning anything outside of the Puget Sound region in Washington - the student vote could make all the difference.


@7 agree. All those protests should translate into higher voter participation in the age 18-24 cohort. Will it? I doubt it. They talk a big game but when it comes down to it, they can't be bothered to take 20 mins to fill out a ballot and drop it in the mail. However, as mentioned above, Washington is dominated by the Puget Sound area, and therefore increased voter turnout in this area probably won't enact much change. But good for their passion I guess. Too bad they can't translate that passion into something more productive though.


It’s just so frustrating. Instead of a feel-good demonstration on-campus, they could volunteer to help keep Kim Schrier in Congress - that’s an election that matters in a district just a bus-ride away. They could raise money for an abortion-access organization. Almost anything would be more effective than what they are doing now.

And yes, I have done ‘all of the above’ and more. I wholeheartedly support providing any pregnant person with access to fully-taxpayer-funded abortion care, at any point in their pregnancy, no questions asked.


Tempur_tempur dear, don't forget that not all of those students reside in Seattle. They come from all over the state, and if they register in their hometowns, they can influence the rural vote as well.


No Spin dear, how do you know some of those students aren't doing exactly what you criticize them for not doing? Students who care enough to engage in protests are generally politically active.


Protests used to work long term (civil rights, etc) but doesn't seem to have much impact today. Remember that time people protested the Iraq war? That had zero effect on our exit some nearly 20 years later. I think the best advice I've heard to make change was made by a very recent, successful two term president. VOTE and vote smart (like realizing how a third party vote might play out and contribute to the current situation.)


@2 So, you're pro-Fascism and class war. Good for you!


@3: I agree. So it appears that they don't like the status quo. Which is that abortion is legal and protected in this state. I'll have to remember that the next time I cast my votes.

@13: pro-Fascism. National Socialism. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time a Socialist starts spewing invectives. It's so nice to have this news outlet set me straight on the issues.


Democrats aren't worth a rat's ass vote in an election on abortion. Look at how they endorse anti-abortion candidates against pro-choice challengers.

If Democrats have the tremendous power to unanimously rob 40 billion overnight to escalate towards a nuclear or 3rd world war, they can certainly wrestle 1-2 votes to abolish the filibuster and codify Roe. And until they do, I wouldn't give them one pinky-full of free labor for their bogus corporate owned campaigns - paid for by the same insurance and pharmaceuticals that have increasingly thrown women under the bus on Roe, as in the debacle the Democrats delivered known as the ACA.

Tell the Democrats to GFTs. They're using abortion as a form of voter blackmail on behalf of their sociopathic foreign policy, and when they do indeed have control of the House, Senate and presidency and the ability to make codification of Roe happen before their midterms.

Emma Goldman's words about voting were never truer than they are in today's America, and when she said, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

I say vote because other people fought for it, but what you really need to do is exactly what these students are doing. That's far more important than voting in the disgracefully corrupt elections we have today; and yes, the news of the UW walk-out has indeed hit the national social media networks. These students are making a difference no matter how many cynical worthless corporate Democrats tell them they can't.

I look forward to voting but not for one single Democrat.


Don't forget that Obama lied when he promised to codify Roe - and then said no it wasn't a priority.

Don't forget that RBG didn't retire when she should have because Clinton was so conceited and "inevitable," she wanted her to wait so that she could be the one to replace her - like a Goddess.

Don't forget that nice Jimmy Carter supported the Hyde Amendment because he couldn't remember the First Amendment - the separation between Church and State - and the space between his brain and Jesus. And since he could control poor women's bodies, including poor black women's bodies, he took full advantage of the opportunity as a patriarchal white supremacist.

Don't forget that the liberal judges, and liberal women judges, voted to throw poor women under the bus on abortion rights under the ACA. So they were like Jimmy Carter too.

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