Every single one of these resolutions is a complete waste of time. Pedersen and Nelson are doing the right thing by opting out of this pointless political theater.


I remember when Alex was too busy to show up at candidate debates. Apparently everything not related to killing bike lanes is a waste of his time.


@1 +1


Virtue signaling about virtue signaling!
Now That’s Seattle!!


maybe if Sawant wasn't so busy writing resolutions she could finish up her long promised rent control legislation or maybe that's just something she trots out whenever she needs to fire up the base.


Honestly encouraged to see some ideological heterodoxy on Council. Nothing wrong with old fashioned debate and sticking to an organization’s core functions. There is limited staff and dollars to do City work; let’s respect that reality.


How about instead of wasting time on resolutions that have absolutely no impact on the city of Seattle, the council actually does its job to, I dunno, FIX THE CITY THEY REPRESENT?!

Virtue signaling is nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars. I guess it's too much to expect the council to do the job they're being paid for, or were elected to do.


Stop the Noise and get on with the SIGNAL. They seem
to have no time to legislate, but time for POSTURING.
If your campaign promises are consistent, then you are
doing nothing done except campaigning. Time for results.


I refuse to accept street improvements from a council member who doesn't share my opinion on what to do about the human rights crisis in Yemen, and I vote.


Much ado about nothing again. Why can't a city counsel member abstain or not vote on some "feel good" statement.

Hannah has a habit of whipping up things, many times with half truths and jaundice journalistic practices.

The last fiasco being complete "pig" ignorance on the Israel-Palestinian matter. I doubt she could even find Israel on a map, let alone understand the history or complex relationships and political agendas. .

Frankly, I'd like to see less of her "slogging", because it can't really be called journalism... or does the Stranger even have an editor. It would appear not.


So what happens if a Councilmember simply refuses to play along and doesn’t cast a vote on one of these meaningless measures? Do they get a ‘time out’ or forfeit their afternoon lunch-box?


‘Sound and fury, signifying nothing’ Meaning & Context:


It's all fine until the Whereas clauses start taking up 3-4 pages for a resolution that involves no actual action.

"A house divided shall not stand, whereas (insert tome of meaningless words)"


If only they could be in Congress and not on this shitty little city council!

This is what the wingnuts on the county commissions do over in eastern Washington and northern Idaho, except a mirror image. Got that Seattle City Council? You’re a mirror image of the Idaho County (ID) Commission (AKA County of the Apes): “Get US out of the United Nations!!!!!!” Not to worry, though, it’s all good with The Stranger.

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