Best Sticker I've Seen All Week

I'm sure babies would actually be down with abortion. 

If having babies is so fucking important, why aren't we listening to them? They are probably the chillest contingent ever. Like, all they wanna do is suck boobs, poop, and cry. As recent womb residents, of course they don't give a shit about what a person does with their body. Get fuckin' real. 

COVID and Climate Change are Linked

Spotted outside the Royal Room.

To be fair, I don't think a lot of people liked COVID. Thanks, Wayne Horvitz!

For the Beyoncé-Lovin' Librarians Out There

Ok, this is cute as fuck. 

I spent forever trying to figure out what type of birds these are...ducks, right? I have animal blindness. Thanks, Gwendolyn E. Wood!


Please tell me this isn't a regular occurrence. 

I think I saw this at Pony, but I can't remember. Pride was such a blur! How could you even poop in a urinal? Actually, you know what, don't answer that...

As Much As We Don't Like to Believe It,

My therapist to me whenever I get frustrated with myself.

Your gentle sticker message of the day!

And Now, for Your Wistful Sticker Message of the Day


A friend who is studying Japanese told me the middle part reads "Kameo/Cameo." If you know what it's referencing, you know how to find me.

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