Queen Anne Came Through with a Banger

Peace out. / JK

Thanks Bear Balentine! To witness this empire’s decline, look no further than the Jan. 6 committee hearing from last night:

We Love a...

In all senses of the word. / JK

I really think socialites would make excellent organizers.

Another Choe Dunk

Spotted this one on Capitol Hill / JK

He’s graduated from being just a “wet bitch” to a senior one.

Sticker MVP of the Month

One time, a Lyft driver picked me up in a Tesla and I had no idea how to open the passenger door... embarrassing... / JK

I saw this one while walking down 23rd Ave—thanks, Peach Jugo!

Mickey’s Looking to Get Off...

Thanks to Jon Youngn for this sweet sticky. / JK

You know what a petite mort is right??


It’s nice to be validated by a sticker. / JK

Do you believe love is a stream?

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